Juicing Vs Blending: Whats Better?

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Dr. Berg talks about the advantages of juicing versus blending.

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Audrey Motta-Wurst says:

I read that kale should be cooked before you eat it… is that true?

Lucille Smith says:


karikatk says:

Hey Dr Berg…

would it be ok to make this if on a ketogenic diet? because of the berries? ty!

Louis Walters says:

Been trying to get $500.00 wroth of your products your online ordering puts more products then I ordered into my cart then when I straighten the cart out and try to pay it says this. This shipping method is currently unavailable. If you would like to ship using this shipping method, please contact us.I have contacted you and placed the order over the phone and it was lost please fix your web site have spent 5 hours trying to buy your products. My first order was sent incomplete this was a phone order with a person taking the order took 3 weeks to get the rest of the items I ordered.l Hope You Read This And Do Something About I. Very unsatisfied Customer!

Andresa Martins says:

I think we should start calling him Dr. Kale

Lexi B says:

Wheat grass is amazing for us.

naturalTJE says:

This is my new online university. I've been on this path for YEARS, and I loooove Dr.B's presentation, energy and advice.

Frank Kwok says:

Thank you so much, Dr. Berg! Your videos has helped me to understand more about nutrients of foods, general health and diet.

Martine Peters says:

Hi dr Berg………the keto diet gives me severe insomnia and I do eat enough potassium and magnesium. When I eat an apple before bedtime however, I sleep like a baby. What is the correlation between carbs and serotonin?

Giga Guides says:

can't say I've ever noticed my liver feeling good, how do you tell? 🙂 I don't notice it's even there normally.
Thanks from the UK Dr. Berg.

Sandy Monterroza says:

great thank you good to know this is more practical for me.

sand Gil says:

Because of a congenitally defective heart valve which was finally replaced, I have to use warfarin. I am struggling to follow "the programme" and keep my INR within range. I do not want to increase the warfarin intake because I am afraid it is damaging me, but am coming close to having to do this. I have added extra B6, take organic apple cider vinegar three times a day in water with some organic ginger juice and organic lemon juice and the INR still isn't up where it should be. Any tips for other ways to naturally thin blood (raise INR) and consume 7 to 10 C spinach a day?

Guava Memories says:

Where can I buy that lemon juice?

pdub says:

missing links in description to wheatgrass juice powder studies you mentioned

David Caruso says:

Awesome information, you always bring whatever your teaching to life and I always really appreciate the scientific break down of why these foods do what they do 👍🏽

Allkinds ofgainz says:

Isn't a thousand trillion a zillion? Either way it's a lot.

NoVa925 says:

I really want to try the Kale shake, but Kale makes my stomach hurt, bloated etc. Can I still take it? Will it mess me up like raw kale?

Lina Banuelos says:

you dont need protein for this delicious smoothie and i also made one with Romane Lettuce instead of kale..only because i ran out of kale,.☺

Dianddra D. says:

when I eat kale I get explosive diarrea, so what do I use instead?

Cindy Cheong says:

Any Ingredients Recommendation for lowering heart blood pressure?

Jaden G says:

First of all. blender meals are not naturally ideal. Reason being, the food isn't chewed for a few minutes in the mouth. No message to brain to put correct enzymes for digestion. Therefore, skipping this step looses nutrition. The brain also doesn't know when to shut the hunger appetite lever off. The potato and stevia and other sugars are not balanced against fiber. It costs body more nutrients to digest sugars than the nutrition in them when eaten in isolation or OUT of NATURAL Fresh whole condition.

Eating raw will cause you to lose weight in that your natural ideal weight will be going back to default setting when not barraged with food that shuts off the message system between stomach and brain. When someone is satisfied after biting and chewing and tasting something like fruit, nut, seeds like eating a whole grape represents, for instance. The seeds are chewed. The skin is chewed the sugar and fiber is in correct ration…

poosta7 says:

After learning the benefits of d-limonene mostly in citrus peels, I do a whole peel organic lemon, orange,lime, apple, berry, banana, carrot smoothie in the morning…I also take 900 mg Berberine that helps with blood sugar….

Bunny Chandu says:

hello Dr Berg. I'm from India. we don't have kale or parsley here. we have spinach, coriander, cucumber. rarely we get lettuce, broccoli, iceberg lettuce in stores. so can u suggest what to blend here ? thanks in advance. And anyone who has an idea please answer, because most of the time, Dr Berg can't answer my questions because of busy schedule probably. :)

Kaylee Kerr says:

Please please please do a video on constipation. Talk about fibrous foods to consume? Talk about reasons why we do get constipated.

Constance Lovejoy says:

Juicing is really popular today & for good reasons. Here's a tip: When you're cooking up a big pot of greens, don't toss out what may be the most nutritious part — the brothy water that's left in the pot. Lots of the beneficial nutrients cook out of the greens. And what's left behind is called pot liquor or "potlikker." This is what people do when they extract the liquid in juicing vegetables. Pure fiber has no nutrients content. Some people even re-use the juice pulp by making burgers, adding it to smoothies, etc.

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