JUISIR – Juicing with zero cleaning and more juice

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Dorthy Savage says:

Such bullshit

Nobbbro says:

So this is basically a better and less stupid version of Juicero?

Mr. Squidward says:

Why not just eat the fruits?

packson jollock says:

but, juicing isnt even supposed to be healthy for you. your are just drinking the juice and skipping the fibre

Lina Tan says:

most importantly, you don't need to download an app, register and log in and scan the code and then get to the pressing process xD

Enlightened Doggo says:

Three Juicero employees disliked this video.

brian says:

I want one soooo bad

Boss Hog says:

how is this different from a hand pumped hydraulic press that's been around for some time?

South Catering Fabrication Ltd says:

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dxxPacmanxxb says:

classic start up promo video 😀 so funny

mattie addison says:

Great send me one for demo

tangerinestorm says:

What stops it coming out of the top of the bag? or Squeezing all the pulp from the bottom of the bag?

satyendra singh says:

Great Idea. you are going to revolutionize home juicer appliances industry.

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