Just juice for 60 days: Kabir Kumar at TEDxFremont

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www.tedxfremont.com After embarking on a juice fast, it took Kabir Kumar 60 days to make juicing a way of life. What followed was not only a physical change, but a lifestyle transformation. During the day Kumar is a senior development officer at Silicon Valley Community Foundation.

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golfinguna says:

why do people call drinking  glasses of sugar, a fast????  Its pretty obvious that if you don`t eat fat and protein and start exercising (as he stated) you will lose weight. You will get skinny. It`s not rocket science. But it is a great way to give yourself plenty of insulin spikes which is really sensible on an empty stomach….DUH.

Angel Shining says:

I love banana , strawberry smoothie with pineapple rum in it!!!

joko latern says:

this is the summer body course

malenamax says:

he is annoying 😒

Captain Heinie says:

There is only one winner when juicing, and that is the people who make the machines…… Juicing is not required, Period…. Learn how to FAST. (VERY important)… learn WHEN to eat… Just learn to eat the CORRECT food, Learn to CHEW your food correctly. This is the best and cheapest way to loose weight and improve your life. along with a bit of exersize. If you do not beleive me. Then do your own reaserch. Greetings to all

David J says:

Don't listen to this loony!!! Eat your foods, but drink water, and also coffee, tea as well…never drink juice!

BiggestShip 65 says:

Nurtibullet bitches.

Mary Keating says:

lads, the trolling is kind of pathetic…if you don't agree with juicing, fine! don't do it, its not for you, your body is your body, do what you like with it!

Mike Lisboa says:

Im doing this stupid juice thing and I hate it … but I'm doing

Perry Bird says:

juicing lol what a sad way of life. No steak potatoes gray pie for dessert. Man i could never do this cause it would just suck.

Buster Brown says:

I have these white things in my mouth that do my juicing. Yes, I juice carrots

TREX LEX says:


Inderpal Singh Assi says:

I just started this today, and well it looks like I am gonna have to watch this video for an inspirational boost. Very inspiring. But for me I am gonna have to do this very logically just so that I don't collapse.

Charlotte Fairchild says:

Daniel Amen, MD, is a psychiatrist who says 70% greens and 30% other foods. Robert O. Young says 80% greens and 20% other foods. Amen helped Rick Warren's church lose over a million pounds. Robert O. Young helped hundreds if not thousands of people go into remission from cancers, some stage 4 like Kris Karr from Crazy, sexy, Cancer documentary. She is still alive. I did the same thing as Kabir. I started eating chocolate. If you juice chocolate you will gain weight and have weird nightmares. 🙂

Snails Lover says:

PLEASE, can someone tell me something that I'm NOT SURE of ?

I want to understand if this man carried on living on an ONLY JUICE DIET after he was done with his 63 JUICE FAST days ???


Soaptivated says:

Reboot with Joe is the website of the man he mentioned & the "Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead" video. Complete with tons of free recipes. http://www.rebootwithjoe.com/watch-fat-sick-and-nearly-dead/

Khyati Kumar says:

How much did you loose after 63 days at the end of Juice fast??

shavennn says:

What happened in the 60 days, not 15 months

Sarah Kerrigan says:


Yanet Montes says:

Why is it that everyone I watch in YouTube watched the same documentary "Fat Sick and Nearly Dead" before they go on a juice cleanse? lol

a b says:

You should blend, not juice. You leave out a lot of the good stuff when you juice. And you'll lose weight with a juicing diet, but juicing for that long and not eating anything else is unhealthy because your body isn't getting everything it needs. It's cliche, but "just" eat and drink healthy and exercise. Find out what healthy is first. Add other good, nutritious foods to your blended diet.


Nothing but negative comments, smh

hieuwey says:

Now get a new well fitted suit. Please.

Momen K says:

the way i see it, half of the d healthy digestion lies in the chewing process. You want real food, eat it like a real human being would.

Vegan Mecca says:

He's still overweight…and unfit. This guys still going to die of a heartache. He needs to get on the starch solution asap.

Por Favor says:

sugar with no fiber no fats and protein will give u a whole range of diseases starting with diabetes

Tasneem Basit says:

you have got yo squeeze healthy fats and protein in there somewhere.My solution to obesity:take a tablespoon of cod livet oil every day to provide those Omega 3's….and go to GNC and buy the fruit and veggie based protein powder as well as Chia seeds.simply add the chia seeds to your smoothie which will consist of water and two scoops of the powder.There are 38 different fruits and veggies in this protein powder as well as fiber!!!! Take this 4× a day.If u get hungry eat no morecthan two apples in addition to these 4 shakes!!!! You will lose lots of weight in a months time,will have tons of energy….and you will sleep more which is a good thing because your body will be getting more human growth hormone while u sleep!TRY IT!!!

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