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Front page news on Yahoo! today reveals “Kourtney’s Detox Plan.” Of course, since Yahoo! gave it such high regard on one of the most viewed “news” pages on the planet, we felt it was worthy of our analysis…

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SOURCE 1: https://www.yahoo.com/style/kourtney-kardashian-apos-detox-diet-210000676.html
SOURCE 2: http://www.instyle.com/news/kourtney-kardashian-detox-plan

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Luke R says:

I have to say Mike your stuff is one of the few which not only works but is easily actionable, pragmatic and sustainable. Thank you

Harry says:

This is why i hate Yahoo. They use cheap tactics to get clicks on their articles and make some easy money.

mikecampanella1990 says:

All you can do is keep doing what you do. Keep educating people for free on a healthy lifestyle and nutrition. Eventually people will stumble upon you guys and realize they've been fed bullshit all of their lives.

socalseth says:

Ah the Kardashians. Making millions and providing no substance. They are the Arby's of the human race!

calholli says:

You literally do the exact same thing.. lol You have a link to your site in the description… click it, first thing it says at the top is "join now" … click it.. and you are at the "pay me" page. It seems that the only thing you are butt hurt about is that its not your name in the article. I'm sure you would have an issue then too right.

Lisa Alonzo says:

Keep up the good work Mike!! Really appreciate all the TRUTH you put out into the world.

Derek Shelby says:

"Detox" is the new trendy pop health word lol. Men get caught with falsities in health in their own way and women too, they know how to target both. Guys is empty supplements and women its "Fat loss teas" "Detox" "Waist Trimmer"

Peter Papa says:

Preach dolce it's horrible their just trying to make money off people who really need help. they have a big audience they should give good information if they actually wanted to help people. thanks for taking the time.

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