Lose 5kgs in 7 days without exercise . Cabbage soup detox diet.

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Follow me and let’s lose weight. Cabbage soup diet Challenge💪

Day #1

Link for more information on best fruits to eat on this diet
Link to the diet I am following
This is a tasteless soup 😅😂..you can add stock but that adds more calories and fat. So best to leave it out for better weight loss results.and try and use NO SALT as salt retains water in the body but I used salt but I won’t on day 3….

I am following the old Cabbage soup diet that’s been around for years so this is not created by me…

Hymalay salt and spices http://mrsrogers.co.nz/


Donna Love says:

I've always wanted to do the cabbage soup diet. I might have to try it out 😊 .

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