Lost 100 Pounds on Raw Foods and Juicing

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I finally made it to the end of my 100 day juice fast with the help of some wonderful inspiration (great friends!) Thank you Steve Crider and many others! I share my results with before and after pics.


Magdalena Bernadette says:

What was your starting weight ? This was so funny,I love the break up part,we can be friends oh no we can't lol

Debra White says:

You look like an entirely different person! Thanks for sharing!What did you eat that made you feel crappy was it food made w/ wheat ? Just curious

shyguy says:

what amazing person you are new subbie here

Fionaclark1092 Clark says:

Thank you,you are an amazing strong,inspirational woman,im just starting juicing,need to lose half my body weight,am scared to death !! Thanks for making it fun,God bless ,you are beautiful,inside and out xx

Gucci flipflops says:

My mom's name is kim

Grace Hall says:

you look amazing! and younger, congratulations! your funny also lol, I'm glad you have a happy heart ❤.

Mrs. C says:

lol this was funny you look great!

William Golding says:

Girl, I wanna party with you !

Murray Coulston says:

Hey just seen you video just wondering are you still raw juicing and how are u going cheers

Nyte Shayde says:

You're hilarious. LOL

arnibah vanst says:

Everyone in the USA should know that arthritis can be cured by a juice fast.

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