Lucie Fink Tries 5 Days On The Paleo Diet | Try Living With Lucie | Refinery29

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This week, Lucie Fink takes on a Paleo lifestyle – going back in time and attempting to live the way our ancestors did before the Agricultural Revolution. She eats, exercises, and approaches life the way somebody on this diet would, and discusses how she feels along the way. What are your thoughts on the Paleo diet?

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Jenny Jackson says:

Paleo. I live it I love it. In eight years I have lost almost a hundred pounds. I have passed my physicals for six years running; blood pressure, cholesterol, type 2 diabetes. I also work-out three times a week for an hour each time. A civilian version of the military P.T.'s I am definitely healthier and stronger than I was before.

Paleo is a life-style choice for me. The only things I gave up was white bread and white rice. Potatoes, Soda pop, ice cream, candy, cookies.

CHloE748 says:

Unless you have your own garden and your own farm animals (I get eggs straight from friends chickens) you are eating processed foods. Raw fruit and vegetables have been engineered to be bigger and brighter in colors. For example! The orange, large carrots never existed in the wild, men mixed different ones together to make what we have now. This is the case with almost everything in the store that you buy. Even beef cows, chickens that produce huge eggs, etc have been bred to produce the most food possible. So unless you go out into the wild on a remote part of the earth that hasn't been touched by people and find edible things to eat, your food will be processed to a degree.

Bailey Lynn says:

I LOVE my paleo diet.

Lavyn King says:

have you thought about doing 5 days of napping?

Rachel Murphree says:

would you do a 5 days dairy free?

PhotosynthesisLove says:

Paleo changed my life, I eat in abundance, I feel strong, I don't have as many deficiencies, I sleep better, my skin cleared up…

All in all, it's all about eliminating processed foods.

I was so weak when I was a plant based vegan and lost my menstrual cycle, I feel so much better now.

Tia Trang Nguyen says:

5 days of no shampoo ~

Belle374 says:

Try the potato diet!!!

Alannah Threet says:

Only thing that does not make sense is the restriction of some grains, like Quinoa. Also, think how long bread has been in our history. It was a filler in between meals, as well as a way to fill ones stomach. Why have that taken out as well? If it was home made with all natural ingredients (grow it in your back yard), why take it out as well? This was a awesome episode. Currently preggers, and trying to find the diet that fills me the way I need, but easy stuff to make (no microwave for reheating).

princesstiffy1985 says:

Hey Lucie, where did you get your jacket that you wearing at 3:33? When your with etsinthecity. Thanks and I love your vids

Penelope says:

Ross would've been proud

Jasmine Williams says:

I love how unbiased and adorable she is!

Steff J says:

I Love this series ! 😍😍😍

contsentkonfusion says:

I'm screaming eat more food .. That paleo breakfast seemed so wrong to me .. The rest of the day looked ok to me.. Good think it was only 5 days

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