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Original Recipe
Master Cleanse Recipe / Ingredients
2 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice.
2 tablespoons of maple syrup.
1/10 teaspoon cayenne pepper.
Water 8 oz 6-8 glasses

Does the diet work for weight loss? If you follow the instructions, it most certainly will work. Any fast will cause you to lose weight, because you aren’t eating food.

I doubled the recipe per bottle because it counts as 2 glasses in one.

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Sophie Brown says:

this is not the proper way to go about this. you should never stop in the
middle and she’s messing with the ingredients. Hopefully I can urge anyone
watching this to please follow the instructions

Maria Munoz says:

How long did you last with the diet and how many pounds did you lose? So
for the 10 days you just drink that and nothing else right?

Kimberly Princessé says:

those are horrible contact lenses

Rita T says:

What is grade b syrup? Lol is that like normal syrup not the one used for
pancakes and stuff… have no idea if we have GRADE B SYRUP IN AUSTRALIA

Angela Garcia says:

Omg I don’t think I could handle it, I mean wouldn’t you get hungry ? 

Daniella Cisneros says:

So are you suppose to drink all 4 bottles for the 10 days?

Teri Gallimore says:

This is my favorite detox! I do it monthly to maintain my weight and to
clean my system. How did you do??

MR. UnderDogg says:

Why don’t you make more videos 

angela celestre says:

were are the other vlogs??

Valarie Perese says:

Is that your real eye color? So beautiful <3

Mina Marvel says:

Your skin is BEAUTIFUL

safiy98 says:

Just eat a raw till 4 vegan diet

PerrfectlyImperrfect says:

Was that grade b syrup?

Lourdecita Duran says:

Are you doing the laxitive tea at night and the salt water in the morning?
I just asked because you didn’t mentioned it on your video. If you do the
laxitive tea and the salt water in the morning you will get a better result.

Ivett Garcia says:

So did it work?? Did u loss pounds???

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