Master Cleanse ( 15 lb Weight Loss )

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This vis is kinda late. Got so busy this week. From now on I’m gonna stick with only doing 10 day cleanses.


Syn DeVil says:

i may have to try this!!!

camille “camicocochangejourney” washington says:

hi … I just want to say that I love your Channel and that I am so happy that you have not changed because YouTube is not what it used to be everything seems like a big advertisement but you have stuck to your way of doing things and I'm mad that you only have thirty thousand subscribers… keep doing your thing and God bless happy New Year

Olivia Pope says:

Great Job!

I am Crafty says:

Happy New Year! Love your videos. I plan to start the MC tomorrow.
Silly question- I am concerned about Salt Water results in the morning as I am always rushing to work. So can the Salt Water be taken at night instead and the tea in the morning? I really want to get the Salt Water in my day : ) Thanks!

quietstormaps says:

I just starting my cleanse  today! I do two a year and I've been following you on your Master Cleanses for the past few years.  I do 7-10 days in January and 7 days in June/July of same year.  Keeps my weight under control along with a low fat plant based diet (not vegan). Congratulations!

Bobby Husseyii says:

Good job. You seem satisfied. I'm proud of your videos and your motivation towards good health. Also, I have seen your body transformation and I have to tell you, I'm really impressed with your body shots.

Maya Brown says:

I have a question, about your implants.With all your weight fluctuations have they changed shape? Got smaller? Can you lift upper body? Please do a implants / work out update.Also how did you get your back so nice? By the way you look good! Also have do you have enough energy to get through the day?

steffiejoe says:

Great Job. I finished on the 22nd, did the 10 days. Started at 141.5, ended at 134.0.

VanityVain1 says:

You looks great ! I am doing 7 days detox ! You are a inspiration! Happy New Year! Blessings 👌

angie's life journey says:

amazing as always. I am getting back on track slowly with eating after being off and on since I started work almost 4 months ago.


You look great I'm a starting mine in the beginning of the year wish me luck 🍀please

budstattfgangsta says:

You do a great job keeping that body right

Lizzy Morris says:

That's cool how you can flex your chest with your arms.

NOLAcouponqueen504 says:

No way I could do it over the holidays. I am starting it on Friday or Saturday. How tall are you BTW? Thanks for videos.

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