Master Cleanse ~ 15 lb wt loss ( Before & After pics)

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16 days later and 15 lbs loss. I feel absolutely amazing. Here’s to another successful cleanse.


Indii Bleu says:

Your skin is gorgeous! Omg! It was gorgeous before, but it every thing
about a cleanse that makes you glow. If you’ve had your hernia surgery
already, I hope you feel better & take it easy! Much love

badboy51826 says:

ur hot and ur body is sexy gawd you got bigger biceps than me thats an
embarressment lol

neekrusher says:

The master cleanse is the best. I’m on day one for the first time in 2014.
I have been doing the cleanse since 2012. My highest weight was 240lbs. The
lowest I have reached on the cleanse was 208lbs. People say, you gain the
weight back. That’s BS. the most I have gained back was 6lbs. That’s partly
due to on and off training and snacking. THEM HOSTESS YELLOW CAKES ARE THE
BOMB! lol My current weight is 213.6lbs. I keep telling people to try it
but it’s the thought of not eating that scares people. The longest I been
on the cleanse was 14 days. I have not pushed the 21 day button yet.
Watching your video maybe I will. I’m trying to get out of the 200lb area
and stay between 195 -98. Anyway thanks for the video much love.

DanielS says:

The longest I’ve don’t this cleanse was 10 days. The first few days are
the worst after the fourth day its easy. 

Jay Eff says:

You looked fantastic before going on the cleanse, and more so after. 

Alexis S. says:

you’re beautiful!

ladyj40 says:

So your cleansing once in the morning and eating no food all day? 

Vouge Rouge says:

what do the cleanse consist of?

samantha mazarura says:

do u exercise on this or you should not…i just finished the juice
challenge but wanna do 10 days of this so I wanna know if you think i
should exercise?

z puff says:

Please reply! How do you cleanse???

Sandra Smith says:

hii im thinking about starting this cleanse. did u exercise at all during
this cleanse?

jack ken says:

I did 32oz of water and 2 tbsp of sea salt non iodized and it’s been an
hour. Nothing is happening? Did I do something wrong?

Mari Garcia says:

Where do we get the ingredients an directions? ?

You look amazing! !

Orquidea Feroz says:

You look good before and after, but you have a healthier glow in the after
pic. You have beautiful bronzy skin too!

I came across this video because I wanted to see how a 15 lbs weight-loss
looked on a person since I am down 15 lbs myself. I am a bit heavier than
you though lol, so my weight-loss looks different, but I can still tell. I
am not on master cleanse though, because I have quite a bit of weight to
lose, I am doing a low-fat/low cal diet and avoiding sweets, processed,
fast and fried foods.

I regret not taking a picture at the start of my journey :-/. Guess I’ll do
it now. You look great

Allean Williams says:

When did you start the salt water flush

Chan You says:

Thank you for this informative and concise video. 

Gabrielle Williams says:

Was this after your hernia surgery?

daniel moseley says:

Do you do the salt water flush as well? If so, how often? 

fractal_force says:


Denise Bennett says:

Day one…

Haiku Taiwo says:

Someone please answer this question do you fast during this cleanse or do
you eat

alejandra ruelas says:

Wow! Your “guns” are perfect! You really inspire me! Thank you n keep up
the great work!

uniquechild68 says:

Girl, I love you so much…you give so much inspiration…now I’m getting
myself in gear…Master Cleanse, diet change, exercise and waist
training..because of you, I can do it! 🙂 Smoooches!

Raw In Arizona says:

Thanks for videos. I’ve started doing videos too and I too have lost
weight really fast doing Raw Food Detox. I’m on Day 6. So thanks again for
your inspiring videos.

Allean Williams says:

Do you loose fat or water weight on the cleanse

Meagan Deleon says:

So inspirational! 🙂 

Caroline Yvette says:

You need to check out Dr Morse about that hernia chick…he’ll have some
herbs that will help. You look great btw. :-)

hubble2016 says:

Lol… the look on your face when said you cheated… 7, 8, and 9… lol.

Haiku Taiwo says:

Someone please answer this question do you fast during this cleanse or do
you eat

Rochelle Smith says:


anele mkhize says:

Wow wat an inspiration. I have major probz wit ma w8, n bn considerin the
master cleanse

scott jolly says:

Do this with me! Detox Me!

hubble2016 says:

Lol… the look on your face when said you cheated… 7, 8, and 9… lol.

Ana Delarosa says:

You said you didn’t do the gradual eating after the cleanse, you went
straight to eating protein shakes. How did that go? I heard it messes with
your digestive tract? 

Ashley Monroe says:

Do you suppose to exercise with the cleanse ??

Zachary Boyd says:

Great job finishing and good muscle tone. You just don’t have the pump that
you are used too because you took a break from working out, but that isn’t
a bad thing. People need to understand that the main benefits of this
cleanse isn’t about losing weight though, but about resetting your body’s
health and purifying it. You could potentially be adding to years to your
health and vitality by doing this cleanse. Losing weight is simply a

Terrance Sybil says:

How many glasses of the mixture did you drink each day and did u drink
water too? Also, what kind of laxatives did u use? I’ve heard so many
different things. Sorry to ask so many questions. You look great! 

Caroline Yvette says:

Great stuff:-)

lisaeboni says:

Cool..thanks. We shall see how it goes!

AJW4life333 says:


Micheal Lowery says:

your skin is simply beautiful it’s actually glowing…did the cleanse help
with this or do you have nice skin naturally….

tato2493528 says:

imo, i dont think u needed the weight loss

wety77 says:

Beautiful skin and your very beautiful and pleasing to look at.

ramona hurley says:

woooo what a BIG cheat lol. i’m joshing you, that’s not such a big cheat.
but i see what you are saying.

Shaunti Lindsey says:

You are so inspirational! You make me want to workout better. 🙂 ive lost
40 pounds I have 40 more to go

Sean Dorsett says:

Looking good. Great job with the cleanse.

AprilPrettyEyes says:

Hello and congrats! If you don’t mind…may you please share the
ingredients for the Master Cleanse & your daily intake regimen??? Please
and thank you!!!

Krystle Martin says:

I disagree with ANYONE who says you look the same. There is clearly a
difference between to two pictures, although you look great in both!

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