Master Cleanse: -15 lbs in 10 Days ( Before & After Pics )

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Finally getting my Master Cleanse vid up. I did 10 days and 3 ease off days. Loss a total of 15 lbs.
Salt Water Flush Vid:


silvio gutierrez says:

young lady, next time prepare yourself to do the video, you just talk and talk with out making any sense. thanks for trying.

Ms. Bishop says:

You look so GREAT!!! And lil man is so handsome, he was just mimicking you heheheh

Couponing With Toni says:

Wow you look awesome! I've been watching all your IG pictures. I only wish I could do something but I'd cheat. lol Great Job 😙

MsLeelee94 says:

i think someone already ask do you not eat during this time or do liquid diet?

Choyce Floyd says:

What is the recipe for the master cleanse? What do you recommend for beginners?

Will Chora says:

Keep losing weight and add muscle baby

Jessica Sweetheart says:

What else do you do, do you eat normally or what do you eat?

leeniezline says:

You look awesome! I'm starting my mc this Sunday. I'm running my very first 5k tomorrow for St. Jude! I love to see my little buddy, hi Josiah! I wish I could babysit for you. Tfs, God bless.

wagechi29 says:

I keep looking at your cutie pie back there :)

레이레이 says:

I really need to do this, I'm 106 lbs. Thankyou for this! ♡

Elisha Martin says:

Your amazing!!

angie's life journey says:

wow you look amazing and very inspiring. miss your weight loss videos and such. glade your doing well.

salonebabe2011 says:

Yeah, the video came right on time for me. I'm currently doing the master cleanse program day 7 and I sooooooo need the encouragement to keep me going to a month. I hate the salt water cleanse so I guess I will be doing the smooth moves tea and see how that goes.

Ourfamily Ourlife says:

thank u for posting these detox videos. I am going to start day 1 tomorrow. watching u encourages me. it is possible. thanks.

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