Master Cleanse 201lbs to 181lbs

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Its been seven months since i started this journey with the master cleanse and I can finally fit into my goal pants. Ten more lbs to go and alot of toning up but im on my way yay me. check out me day 3 master cleanse video to appreciate the success.


joy Christian says:

Hello can you share exactly what you did. Did you do the master cleanse 7 months straight? What did you eat other then doing the master cleanse.. Please share

DAMIANJOHN2003 says:

can I sub the maple syrup for something else like agave or honey ?

Tracy Stead says:

Congrats sweetly! I'm starting my Master Cleanse tomorrow. You look amazing!!! Ty for making the videos. This gives me inspiration!!!


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latishabrandon says:

Beautiful!!!! I LOST 16 lbs so far on the MASTER cleanse …. I'm on day 10 …. Thx for the motivation …my results are AWESOME

TheAlphaWife says:

You look great! Thank you for acknowledging the fact that you can wear the pants just not out yet. someone else would wear those pants and risk splitting them. Best wishes on all of your goals!

Le'Host Hair says:

Yaaaaaaayyyy!!! U look amazing just seen the other video u did it!!! U just inspired Me

fdahmed says:

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Catur Warta Kota says:

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salimbdjsr says:

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mycooder82 says:

that is so good i am 5'8 too… an i weigh 205… trying to loses 20lbs… it is exciting when you loses weight… girl you look good… i have some white pants too i want to get into.. It is nice being tall cuz our weight never looks so bad when you gain a few pounds…lol ;] but you go girl… you look like you could be my sister?… lol have a blessed 2013

Nia Mann says:

how long did you master cleanse for (: ?

we were on a break says:

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tammymarykay1 says:


licker licker says:

Great pants

subin sunar says:

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Shaghayegh K says:

wow i just saw some side effect was written in google but after saw you feel much better to take OXY

vflow99 says:

Thankd good luck on your journey

Monique Hunt says:

Yayyyyy!!!! I've been following your journey. Congratulations thats a great accomplishment. Hopefully I can experience the same weight loss success.

Erika Mattson says:


briangsoul says:

u look great

Candace Bumpass says:

Wow you look great! Congrats on your success!! How long did you do the Master Cleanse? I am thinking about trying it so any tips you can give will be much appreciated!

Missy Lindsay says:

I hope to share your excitement soon. Today is my 1st day on the cleanse. Keep your self-control in check and keep up with your goal.

Shanada 2432 says:

I am so very happy for you!!

Dionna1224 says:

im so jealous of your closet lol…….. Your videos are my motivation!!! I wanna lose about 60 b4 my bday (Dec 24)……!!!! Cant wait til you reach your goal .!!!

vflow99 says:

The oky elite made me sick and the seven day fat burner was a hoax no results. the master cleanse jump started my weight loss …it helped the most

wreal musiclover says:

Congrats on your hard work and success. How did the pills work for you?

vflow99 says:

thanks now i just gott KEEP IT OFF

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