Master Cleanse Before & After ( 24 Days )

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Elisha Martin says:

Awesome job?! I still say you should be competing and winning!!! I'm considering starting next week under to much stress I think right now to focus on it!! I've been considering it bc of your motivation … Your beautiful inside and out

Allie Domo says:

Woo yes girl!!! Motivation, thank you for your video!

Will Chora says:

You are almost like the Incredible Hulk and the incredible she-hulk

peeceypreecy says:

did you exercise while cleansing

Wafaa Antar says:

can u tell me how to do it like what should I do

Marcus McNulty says:


Sunnee_ says:

How tall are you?

Yvette Cordero says:

how many cups are you suppose to do a day?

Will Chora says:

You look hot and sexy

Will Chora says:

Get those abs

Will Chora says:

How much do u weigh now I'm 170.6 lbs

Will Chora says:

Nice bikini keep adding muscles

Alexis Ragaliauskas says:

Well done! You look great, I'm on day 9 of 21 at the moment and the hunger is driving me crazy today, but this is really inspiring :)

Maria Isabel Arteaga says:

I'm on day 4. Good job. This is my 5th time. Love it 💪🏻

shogundickin says:

You look sexy as hell.

Katy Chung says:

thank you! You look great!

jennifer crawford says:

omg! you look great… making me want to start the process. I did start light headed after 4 days so I stop.

samantha r says:

Congrats u look amazing! Is it ok to have almonds? I know in ur other video u said that u were eating a few. Let me know !

Anaisabelle Talon says:

Can u please help me do one like together stay in contact fasting buddies

kenNaforNia says:

Did u feel like stomach pain? I'm on day 6 and I just feel sick..

Karen Wanjiru says:

Wow!!!! Great job!


Amazing job!!!! You look great!

Dominique Tucker says:

what is the heaviest you ever were ?

Vanessa Tesla says:

Hi first you are a beutiful women!! ^^ 😀
I'm from europe and I dont know what is master cleanse can you pliz tell me what it is and where I can get that? Tnx :)

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