Master Cleanse Day 1

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**Hi loves** Welcome back to my channel. Just wanted to make a quick little video for you guys. Showing you how to prepare the gallon for your master cleanse. I also added how I make the salt water flush plus the detox tea. Remember its mind over matter. The body will follow once your mind is made up.

Santa Cruz Lemon concentrate from Sprouts
Most of the ingredients ordered from


Semilunar Anguiano says:

Hola Berenice!
Todos Los 10 dias tengo que tomar el te por la noche, la sal por la mañana y la limonada Durante todo el dia…
ò solo el te y la sal el primer dia y Los de as Dias la limonada?

Esteban Orlando Vega says:

buy why would I wanna cleanse my yummy chicken wings ;)

Lou Saunders says:

Shoutout to Mama Bertha for keepin it 💯 lol

gareth reigns says:

good vídeo 👍👍👍👍

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