Master Cleanse Day 50 Complete

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I made it to my goal. I wanted to keep going but it was time to let go.

Start weight here was 213
Lost 40lbs by this day

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Montserrat Isabella says:

did u put weight back on when you went back to normal eating???

Charleaka Norris says:

hi I am binge watched these. 😁😁You were very honest and I can definitely relate. Your skin looks luminous, we're there any other benefits besides weight loss?

Eunice Izevbigie says:

Oh my goodness!!, I am beyond excited that I saw your video…you inspire me. I have been trying to do the master cleans for over a year now, I keep given up. I am ready!!!, fingers crossed 🤞🏽. Thanks for sharing.

tanya bolton says:

The coffee broke the cleanse unfortunately

Tej Fury says:

Thank you so much for this information. I am mustering up the strength to do this. You are sooo stunning. This looks like it worked good for you.

Jenine Audain says:

wow cause i thought it was 100 lbs u look fabulous slim well am gonna definitely start December 26 but am aiming for 100lbs

Jenine Audain says:

how much weight did you lose ?

Satu Kamara says:

Did you do the saltwater flush? Love your vid by the way!

Alicia & Alia -SPLife says:

What was your overall goal? Just to hit 50 days? How much weight did you lose throughout the process? I start tomorrow for a detox..

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