Master Cleanse FAQs

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Kels Hebrews 4:12 says:

Can't do this while nursing, bummer 🙁

Rx geek says:

Very very good l. Looking

Rx geek says:

Like a vegan touched for the very 1st time. Like a vegan

1agentflick says:

Thank you, very informative .

fehr783 says:

How long do you do the master cleanse? and how much do you drink in a day?

SuperCandyjunkie says:

I have been a junk food eater most of my life. I have IBS so I found that eating candy and things like that I wasn't in the bathroom all the time. I have decided to try a healthier lifestyle and about 3 weeks ago starting with the green smoothies and adding lemon oil to my water. I actually feel worse and am running to the bathroom all the time. I am so tired and just felt better on candy. Is this normal or does my body just not like all the veggies and fruit. Is it too much greens?

GreenMomZoe says:

Yes, I am. Not much change though. 🙂

GreenMomZoe says:

I take a vegan sublingual supplement.

FlugPoP says:

What do you do for B-12?

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