MASTER CLEANSE Vlog Day 0 “Preparation”

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Today’s Vlog:

Preparing for the cleanse:
You’ll need organic lemons, non-iodized salt, spring or purified water, Grade B organic Maple Syrup, organic cayenne pepper, “Smooth Move” laxative tea, willpower.

The night before your “day 1” drink your tea!
Traditional Medicinals Smooth Move tea.

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Ulicia Rahl says:

“Because you’re getting so few calories, you’ll probably lose weight.
You’ll also be losing muscle, bone, and water. And you’re likely to gain
the weight right back.
There’s no proof that detoxifying leads to long-term weight loss. Plus, you
don’t need to detox your body — your liver takes care of that.
For lasting change, you’re better off eating a healthy diet of fruits,
vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy, and lean proteins like fish,
skinless chicken or turkey, and healthy fats like olive oil.”

William Funaki says:

How many ounces of lemon juice are you post to drink and also can the sea
salt be 100% sea salt 

Katherine Pierce says:

Ahh why are y’all the most perfect couple ever

victor avell says:

I really want to do this but im so scared I need carbohydrates I am a
soccer referee and sometimes do 6 games a day I really don’t want to
collapse on the field

Armonie Ingram says:

Can u please answer this?! I really want to do this but I work 4am-11 so I
was wondering if I had to do the tea/flush in the mornings or could I do
them at nights only…of course on my off days I would b able to do
mornings to

EmmaRiking says:

I’m at the end of day 6 and I honestly feel so weird! Some days I feel
great and others, like today I’ve had such bad mood swings. Though it’s
amazing home much willpower I seem to have :P. I feel I have lost weight
though I haven’t weighed myself since I started the cleanse, so I just hope
I have. Anyway, roll on wednesday, cause I cannot wait for my orange juice

Big Whitey says:

I’m only 2:22 minutes into the video and the first thing I noticed is that
this guy’s body language is all sorts of defensive. I’m wondering if he
really wanted to do this or is his pretty wife is more or less making him
go a long with it since she wants to.


And washing does not get rid of all pesticides inside the lemons c’mon

The Very Berrie Life says:

I JUST left the brand and name in the description box. 🙂

Zenmasterzzz says:

Thanks 🙂 I had such a hard time finding the maple syrup. Had to order it
because the whole food on columbus did not have it 🙁 got everything else
and will be watching your videos each day to get through the daily
challenges lol. Wish me luck!! 😀

colein212 says:

Thanks, you are so cute together and I’ve decided to eat well today and
begin tonight w the tea. I’m totally ready to cleanse after watching this
video, so thanks for vlogging in such minute detail. I already eat pretty
clean and I practice Bikram yoga almost everyday. I’ve been thinking about
doing this cleanse since I heard about it on the View. Now that I’ve found
you here, I’m committed. Off to my farm stand for some lemons and syrup!

Jennifer Boissineau-Silcocks says:

Can’t wait to see how this goes on. I think it may be great for stress and
my anxiety over personal issues. But I want to see how you guys do on it
first! Especially when you pulled out that cayenne pepper powder!!! Lol

Dawn Chanroun says:

I’ve been wanting to do this but I’m nursing my son so do you know if its
safe for my baby?

The Very Berrie Life says:

It is highly recommended that it’s all organic so you are not putting
chemicals in your body. It is safe for a healthy person, but I’m not a
doctor so I can’t give medical advice.

The Very Berrie Life says:

It’s not recommended because it doesn’t have the same nutrients.

The Very Berrie Life says:

No you get enough calories. It’s not a diet, but a cleanse. Cleansing your
system, detoxing your body, resting your digestive system.

Gregory Aspery says:

Hello: I wanted to tell you that Today 3/29/13 I have completed the Master
Cleanse Program Eleven Full Days: I work as a chef it was very tough
However I followed your instructions to a T I’ve lost 15 lbs Thanks for
providing a guideline It was really helpful…I FEEL GREAT!!! Thank YOU

Jade Young says:

Thank you so much Yoon and Justin for this vlog, Big big help Btw, yoon do
u use a tongue cleaner?I think u should..:D

vndasc says:

Congratulations both fo you. You both look very good and inspired me to get
started so here i go. I am going to start this today at Day 0 its 11:30 PM
so lets see how this goes. I might need a lot of hepl trying to stay on the
cleanse. I am 6’1″ 235 lbs right now I am goign to go and purchase some
items and start from there……

colesmilez1 says:

Hello Yoon, Sorry for the typos. Will it be ok to do the cleanse without
organic lemons?

The Very Berrie Life says:

Awesome!!! Good luck!!! I would recommend taking it a little easy on the
cardio, not because you will faint, but it burns so many calories, you’ll
just have to drink a ton of juice. Just listen to your body. But there was
a guy who was training for the triathlon while on the clease so…

The Very Berrie Life says:

I read that it won’t really work with non-organic… Is it because the
season that you can’t find organic lemons?

Michele LeBoeuf says:

Thank for being well preped for this demo.My daughter is in the 7 day and
doing well. I also will do this in the next cupple weeks.Thanks

The Very Berrie Life says:

You’ll need a lot! We went back to get more at least a couple of times!

DairyFree Dork says:

Nice clock. I had that too. 🙂

Jennifer Boissineau-Silcocks says:

Sorry….iPhone auto correct….I MEANT to say “interesting SERIES of
vlogs” lol

jovannaatari says:

This is not safe for nursing mothers. don’t be selfish eat good healthy
protein rich foods and milk and feed your babies well for as long as they
will nurse. What a horrible example. No mothers are supposed to sacrifice
everything lose the pounds later. Feed the babies

Michael Davis says:

I’ve purchased my ingredients and am now sipping on my first tea while
(re)watching! My family isn’t being supportive so it looks like I’m going
to be going at it on my own. Anxious about the eliminations aspect of this
cleanse… anyway – here goes nothing!

Christopher Silverton-Thong says:

Thank you

Elisabeth NOYB says:

Im on narcotic pain meds for an accident I had. I need to take these meds.
I need to know if I can still do the cleanse or will this cleanse detox me?
I asked my Dr and he has no idea.

The Very Berrie Life says:

There is a playlist for all of them 🙂

twb74aol says:

quik was chinese new yr.i made it through a huge event with
tons of food,celbration etc.etc..i was good, stuck to not eating but was
very hard with all the delicious smells going on..however i fell to having
3 budlights and a corona with a vietnamese friend who insisted. and i gota
say the food standing in his kitchen was way harder to aviod tonight but i
stuck to may bad is it? is tomorrow day 1 again?or should i just
stick it out a few more days to counter my fall?

colesmilez1 says:

One more question… I have all the other ingredients organic. Would you
suggest I don’t do the cleanse because I don’t have organic lemons??? Thank
you 🙂

colesmilez1 says:

Yoon, you’re the best again thanks for the responce.

Heatherzhany says:

haha! Got it! I’m reading the Master Cleanse book too. It says this diet
will make your blood sugar drop. I’m going to watch that too. But the
concept sounds really good to me. Going to Whole Foods first thing in the
morning tomorrow! Thanks a lot! I subscribed 🙂

ThatKidsRich says:

Yea deff neither do I! I wish we had a farmers market or something like it
around here! I’m going to check again and see maybe one has pop’d up around

twb74aol says:

day 7 of straight master cleanse, day nine of light ease stomach was
fine..i just felt bad all day today after.seemed to really dehydrate
me..but it also seemed to have a positive effect on my
morning”cleanse”..idk..but ima keep on schedual and if i feel ok ima keep
till 14 days..

Caroline Chang says:

I am going to start the Master Cleanse tomorrow; I got all the items I need
today at the health food store. One Question: Is it OK to add Stevia to the
Herbal Laxative tea or to any Herbal tea you drink during the cleanse?

jmaestrax3 says:

omgosh (OvO)/ im gonna do it too one day:D cant wait for your master
cleanse vlogs:DD

The Very Berrie Life says:

Great!!! Good luck to you!

The Very Berrie Life says:

Yes you have to. But 1/10 teaspoon of cayenne pepper isn’t spicy!

Angie Gann says:

Im on day 5 lost 10 pounds yaaa.. I have a long way to go

Miao Ling Koh says:

Hi, I just found your videos and starting my cleansing tomorrow. Today is
my day zero. Just had my last supper before I cut off all solid food. Hope
I can keep and resist food temptation. Cheers

twb74aol says:

yes, yes, and yes..prob twice the recommended cayenne.i like spicy stuff
but now that i havnt eating anything for a while this lemonade is tasting
really sweet.i drink two glasses at a time and only use 1 tbls of grade b
in one glass and none in the im skimping on the syrup. ive put
down 9 gallons of distilled water in 5 days.yesturday had tons of energy so
did p90x cardio just to try n get some sweat rolling.woke up fine today
also. no real detox signs yet..

twb74aol says:

my own experiance… do it anyway,.first few days are hard not to eat.then
hunger is there but not overwhelming.(you can overcome it).ive felt over
all better,more energy, and lost alot of “joint pain”..constant sinus
headache(very mild but threre).dont listen to your body until after day
7…and by the way..i lost 27lbs in 10 days..however 12-15 of that was the
first three days in wich i acount it to bile in my system in which i expect
to regain directly…

Steven Pereira says:

Just viewed the entire 10 day vlog you both posted – I am starting my
cleanse tomorrow and I am purchasing everything this afternoon – Q: do I
have to wait until the salt water comes out before I can have my first
glass of the lemonade mixture ?

The Very Berrie Life says:

Hmmm sometimes it takes longer. Try to up the cayenne pepper if you can
stand the heat. Are you drinking water throughout the day? Are you doing
the laxative tea?

Heatherzhany says:

Thanks for the video! It’s exactly what I’m looking for! I want to start
tomorrow. I have a question though. I do intense cardio workout every day.
Will I faint or anything because I’m not eating and still working out?

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