My final weigh-in Day 10 Master Cleanse 2017 w/photos

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I LOST 18LBS IN 10 DAYS !!!! MASTER CLEANSE 2017 w/photos

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MzNaturals Utopia says:

awesome video! I can see it in face definitely! when you said you took baby too bathroom with you I laughed so hard because I was like girl that baby would've been getting fed with me in the toilet lol. no judgement! I just started today. don't know how long I'm going yet though.

Miss Thomas says:

You're awesome! You have an amazing glow and energy…, you go !!!!!!🤣😂❤️

Jasmine Stewart says:

That is HILARIOUS about how you woke up to feed your daughter and then use the bathroom. Lol! (This is AvocadosnDonuts from IG). Thanks for sharing your experience!!

Jake Jones says:

Awsome!!!! When can I interview u!!?? Check out my last interview

Niesha Bates says:

I'm gonna do a 1 day master cleanse but I'm gonna come to your house for you to make it for me

Niesha Bates says:

I knew you could do it yessssssssss sis😘💃🏽💃🏽

Tameca M says:

Kudos to you! Yassss!

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