My Master Cleanse ~ Sea Salt Water Flush

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Ok flush being the key word. Not bad as day 1 but this is the worst part of detox but is important.

Video recorded on May 5, 2013.


Ashar Yasharahla says:

I just did the cleanse this morning and it totally works. you can eat
about 1 hour after the cleanse.

MrsMarshall72 says:

Hi! I hope u don’t mind me asking this, but I really need to know
Days after the master cleanse, was ur stool still loose? When did it become
solid again?

decontee dennis says:

Hi I have a quick question, do you eat while doing the cleanse and what
kind of food do u recommend


ok as if the blue robe and head scarf aren’t enough. Today was my worst day
so far but I am still trying to hang in there.

Missthomas323 says:

Your doing so good, I’m proud of you. I definitely could not record a video
drinking the sea salt ( my facial expressions are priceless)… Keep up the
awesome work!!!!


Hi Wendy, this is the flush portion of The Master Cleanse which is a 10 day
food fast. So to answer your question, The Master Cleanse recommends at
least a 10 day fast from food.

wendy Morales says:

After how many hours can you eat?

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