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New York Bully Crew Raw Diet for Dogs


christina mignone says:

OK I have a silly question. What about their teeth? If it's all ground meat what do they have to chew, to strengthen their teeth? Sorry I don't know a lot.

Anna Steele says:

why row food?

victoria garcia says:

anyone have a website reccomendation for starting a pit puppy on a raw diet?

Tom van Riemsdijk says:

Hi NYBC, so happy to see this video. The best possible food for them, i love it.
How does raw food compare to dried when it comes to cost?

diana nielsen says:

Wow I can't believe you guys raw feed! That's amazing! It was the best decision I ever made for my dog!

Goodwin Andrews says:

I thought raw meat is not good for dogs

Lindsay Melher says:

love your informational videos. is there no vlog this week I look forward to them also. you guys have big hearts. thank you for all you do

Maria Pierce says:

pitties always have skin issues ,ear issues. even when you would show the dogs outside ,,I could tell there were no skin issues . they are beautiful. I've been thinking of putting my dogs and cats on a raw diet .

Kelly Johnson says:

im geting a staffy do you think haveing her on a raw diet wood b better???

Chris Foster says:

Awesome!!!!! I bet there all extremely healthy. So glad to see more people going raw

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