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Originally broadcast January 17, 2014 Eight sorority sisters take the Marketplace Detox Challenge, testing the claims behind TV star Dr. Oz’s “detox” cleanse. Detoxing has become a multi-billion dollar industry as Canadians gulp down detox [More]
Shop my “Be Bold” shirt here: GIVEAWAY [CLOSED] – I’m giving away the same juicer that I use for my juice cleanses to one winner! To enter: – Subscribe to my channel – Leave [More] – If you are planning to start your 3 day detox diet, it is wise to first understand all the detox foods and do the right thing for health purposes. Learn the 3 days [More] – Choosing the right cleansing or detox diet can be a challenge, especially with all the garbage and detox diet scams on the market. In this video, I reveal the truth about what a [More]
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It’s day 10 and I can’t believe I have made it this far! Here is my experience being on the 21 day sugar detox diet.
HEY YOU! LOOK HERE! What is Paleo: 00:13.7 -what is eaten in a Paleo diet: 00:30.9 My experience on Paleo: 1:02 -how and why I went Paleo: 1:03 -how I felt on Paleo: 3:01 My [More]
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Drew explains his story with juicing.
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