Paleo diet vlog: what i eat in a day – I am loving a paleo based diet at the moment so decided to do a vlog showing you my paleo diet and what i eat [More]
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How I make the Master Cleanse (The Lemonade Diet, The Detox Diet, and also known as the Master Cleanser ) by the gallon. Please Consult With Your Doctor or Medical Health Practitioner before trying, The [More]
Optimus Prime munching on a fresh slab of pork
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CHECK OUT THIS VIDEO FOR SOME OF THE BEST DETOX FOODS To Clean Your Body. Do you at times feel sluggish? Have you ever wondered how important it is to allow your body to detoxify [More]
souljagurlsha Master Cleanse: In this video Marc shows how to properly juice celery to prevent pulp blockages in the Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer’s pulp outlet.
We tried eating PALEO for the entire month and here’s how it went! I’ve been wanting to eat better for the longest time and tried anything and everything to lose weight. This is how I [More]
A basic comparison of the Paleo vs Atkins vs Ketogenic Diets explained by a nutritional scientist. The Paleo vs Atkins vs Ketogenic Diet do have some similarities and overlap, but there are key differences that [More] Are you looking for information on a 10 Day Detox Diet Menu? If so, the video above introduces to nutritional cleansing programs from the company Isagenix – one of which is a 9 day [More]
365 Organic Maple Syrup Grade B is the syrup choice I keep coming back to every time I do a Master Cleanse. Where to buy maple syrup grade b? I get mine at Whole [More]
My GOSH what have I done to myself…. I keep telling myself its mind over matter.. You’ve got this Shavonne. O.O Down 7.6 lbs so far. Master Cleanse Day 1&2 : Follow me: [More]