Paleo Diet Cures Cancer, Diabetes & Autism!

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Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional, psychologist or eating disorder specialist. These videos were created purely to share advice from my own experience and to encourage eating disorder sufferers to discuss their struggle openly.


Doris Simčić says:

When will these individuals start to be held accountable for making such claims? This is irresponsibility and influence-hunger at its best

Callie Thompson says:

Pete Evans is an idiot… You can cure Autism! Autism is a genetic neurological disorder that you are born with that is incredibly complex and could never be cured let alone managed by something as simple as cutting out processed foods! To cure autism you would have to literally rewire the brain… Science is no way near achieving that! And saying that diet can cure cancer is just irresponsible… If it were as simple as diet we would have figured it out by now… And the only benefit that a paleo diet would have for type 2 diabetes is that it would give structure to they're diet and they might lose some weight because they're not eating extra sugar and fats that seems typical people who are diagnosed with type 2… I would not recommend an major change in diet to a type 1 diabetic without the direct OK by their endocrinologist… That's my 2 cents from your queensland pharmacist

Megan Ryan says:

I hate the diet industry so much. I'm in recovery now and one of the hardest things I'm dealing with is when close friends and family talk about their diets around me. One friend is particularly bad for giving me way too much information that is triggering. She's on weight watchers and so far it seems she's learning more disordered behaviours. I've told her more than once not to bring that stuff up to me because it can make me so anxious I can dissociate. But the conversation seems to end up with the topic of her behaviours. It could be my mistake is trying to explain why the things she's doing could be harmful because it resembles eating disorders. I really don't know how to handle it. Am I the jerk for getting upset with her?

Avgeek Aeronautical says:

I saw something once that said 'Type 1 diabetes can be cured through fasting'…. when in reality that can be fatal quickly for some people bc DKA. Uneducated people really shouldn't be offering advice

Cady Cat says:

Belle Gibson must be a sociopath because who would risk the lives of all those people? Who could sleep at night knowing you were potentially killing people for profit?

Georgia says:

His claim that everyone can and should eat paleo is freaking crazy. It's like when vegans say everyone should be a vegan. It doesn't make sense for say Nordic people to be vegan when for a long time they have thrived off eating fish rich in omega 3's. I mean they can't grow lentils in the snow. Paleo people are big meat eaters. I know a guy with a genetic disease to do with something in his blood. He couldn't eat paleo because the protein in the meat and other animal products makes his blood too thick. Paleo would kill him. At the end of the day we all shouldn't trust anyone who is trying to make money of us especially when it comes to our health! You're so right that anyone qualified would never say everyone can and should eat a certain way.

Rebecca Wakefield says:

"im back because i have been annoyed" why is this me 😂😂

ashgrace90 says:

Mia! This is video. I'm in love. Thank you so much so making it. The shade about his qualifications 😂

Bethany Rose says:

I know of Pete, my partner is a chef and hates him 👨‍🍳 lmao. I buy his coconut water though, as someone who bought in to the paleo diet when I was struggling with eating disorders, it actually made me very sick, but then again so did veganism!

Madeleine Benson says:

Your videos are a bloody public service. Please never stop creating and spreading awareness!

Francesca Neibel-Spruill says:

jesus fucking christ. autism isn't a disease, and doesn't need to be cured.

Tieia Middleton says:

Here in the US celebrity trainer, Bob Harper, of Biggest Loser, had a 'widow maker ' heart attack in the cross fit gym and was eating Paleo. Fellow trainer Gillian Michaels, had begged him not to eat Paleo because she was worried about his horrible family history of heart disease and she believed it wasn't the right diet for someone with his family history.

Alanna Carlson says:

OMG! Falsely claiming you have cancer to the public and saying you have a cure?!! There are so many people with cancer who will try anything to get better! That is endangering sick people. God, that is so vile I'm disgusted. And in response to your question, no I've never heard of Pete Evans.

Stacey Karen Pugh says:

I came here for advice, and find that it was just click-bait. 😒😏 I really enjoy listening to your channel. Thus, I believe your heart was in the right place here, but your title is misleading. I'm not saying Pete Evans message isn't as well, but I didn't come here for him. I didn't even look at the thumbnail until this very moment. Just sayin'. 💗

hana says:

omg, i absolutely LOVE your video… You are AWESOME, you rock girl!!!!! And so fuuuuunnyy!!! 😀

Sarah Akin says:

"Look at whether they are conventionally attractive people," said Cameron Diaz's identical twin. =b

axxcia xx says:

HOLY SHIT people like this make me wanna dig my eyes out. My boyfriend have ADHD and his dad is agains he's medication because he believes he's ADHD, a neurological difference, is caused by D vitamin deficient because his mom don't force him to go outside enough (they're divorced and have a very bad relationship). He was also not vaccinated as a child and he's been called both a retard and that he just "need to learn how to be bored" (which is incredibly invalidating) by his dad and stepmom. The consequences of people who spread information like this are devastating, both on an individual and global level

Faith Elizabeth Ann says:

Do people really think your diet can cure things? Because if it is that simple I would change my diet in a heartbeat. But it's not because we live in the real world and chronic illnesses and real medical conditions don't just go away they need to be treated properly. Telling people that just changing their diet will help them is disgusting. Yes I wish there was a cure for everything but shamming people into believing that their cured is not curing them.

Larisa Kupinszky says:

Anecdotes are a great place to hypothesize, but a shitty place to draw conclusions.

Holly Taylor says:

Claims that any diet cures cancer deeply upset me. When you tell a cancer patient that they'd be well if only they did this diet, or took this herbal pill, all they hear is "your illness is your fault". It's sickening

Thelma Wok says:

The only thing that is unsettling is that narrow insular vessel you call your mind. Pete Evans for PM!!!

Beth Rachel says:

totally agree Mia. It's sick , people trying to make money of vulnerable people who are desperate, when they have no qualifications Or intention to help…

Jessica Wilson says:

Ok but do a video on the claims that a vegan diet will heal everything and that to be healthy you need to be vegan. Vegan is so restrictive and a lot of people who recover from eating disorder go vegan and hide their disorder with a restrictive diet and orthorexia.

kailee lenae says:

I've been trying paleo diet. My stomach is fucked and I'm trying to fix it.

Norway is my friend says:

PETE NEVER claimed it cured cancer or autism. Perhaps it will help brain performance and immune system but never did he clearly state this. You found what he said on an online article. The media hate Pete Evans because kicking up drama with him gets them revenue, and he ridicules them regularly. I don't agree with everything he does but don't fall into the trap of mainstream corrupt media. Find the source itself before you run to conclusions.
I can't remember precisely but a few years ago a health seminar was sponsored by coke. Ironic.
Also my mum tried out his diet and her hashimotos (underactive thyroid) has drastically come down. You do have to commend him for being outspoken and creating some amazing recipes and shaking up the health field because there are so many flaws and corrupted people in there. Personally I think the farmers and the government are playing a part in this. The healthy eating pyramid suggests having around 6 wheat meals per day, and (my mums endocrinologist and many other dieticians we saw for her thyroid ) suggested gluten free is a passing trend that is a fake cause. She ended up going gluten free and worked incredible, all her friends and people we know too. The health system believe there is no data backing up gluten is bad however there is lots in fact.
Anyway, this is a complicated topic through and through, the health system is corrupt, and at the end of the day they're all in there for their own piece of wealth.
Love your channel very very very much xxx
Would love if you created a part two to this in relation to the details in this comment and the controversy of this topic. Definitely do some digging and have a look more into it!
Anyway much love ❤️❤️

Rachel Eh? says:

Totally agree with what you're saying

Rachel Eh? says:

Yes, I also don't agree that it will heal all issues. However, I have irritable bowel syndrome and I know those healed by paleo diets. It's proven that diet can cure cancer for some people. Not everyone though and it also takes years sometimes for it to work to its fullest. I think it's wrong for anyone to get so caught in one thing and say it's for everyone though.

Kelly says:

PREACH. I feel the same way about that Rob Wolfe guy. I hope these extreme "lifestyle" diet kicks drift out of popularity very soon.

Breana Smith says:

Well, both my fiance and I have limitations in diet – I can't have gluten, he has to limit dairy – so theoretically, that diet could work for our lifestyles. On the other hand, as a human being in recovery….limiting food options is basically a recipe for that to turn into an excuse to obsess. Having to cut just gluten was difficult enough for me!

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