Paleo Diet for Beginners – Part 6 – Dairy

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Perhaps the trickiest part of a Paleo diet. Should you eat/drink dairy? Here’s when you should and when you shouldn’t.

Many consider milk and dairy not to be Paleo at all. Find out why they’re both right and wrong, and what it means for you.

Do you drink milk? Eat cheese? Why or why not?

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Lissy Quesada says:

can i eat cheese again ? im not alergic or intolerant to it

Lissy Quesada says:

I dont care about milk but I do care about cheese ,

Kitty BooBoo says:

I put on so much weight by drinking Milk! Those Diary bastards never warned me!

Sarah Winters says:

I'm mostly paleo the only exceptions I make are beans (1-2 times a month) and dairy products such as cheese and greek yogurt.

vicki rideout says:

But what do you do when you eat out? I'm craving Mexican.

MsFancypants says:

this guy doesn't even look healthy… He's pale, lips look a little blue, and he has raccoon eyes (darkness under the eyes)… 

Jeannie Justus says:

What do you think about almond, hazelnut or hemp milk? I'm sure rice milk is off limits.

Vava_voooom says:

Is almond milk paleo?

La ne says:

Who cares if dairy is paleo. Paleo is for fucking idiots. High carb low fat is the only way of eating which works LONG TERM.

horchata831 says:

I am sorry but Paleo people do not have any scientific proof of what our ancestors ate. You could make the argument that humans do a lot of "unnatural" activities. However, there is nothing unnatural about consuming dairy from animals, especially when the animal is grass fed and free roam. Raw milk is the way to go! 

Chanel Liddel says:

I am new to paleo trying to learn as much as possible.  What about eggs

jkalm4ofus says:

Question: my husbands sensitivity to dairy is the casein so do you think that would clear after the 30 days or is that a permanent allergy?

Paleo Flourish Magazine says:

Thanks Caroline! Some people disagree about dairy, but full fat (i.e., without all the added sugar) greek yogurt should be fully Paleo. It's highly nutritious, probiotic, and low in toxins. However, I still encourage people to give up all dairy for 30-60 days, and then reintroduce good dairy (raw and/or fermented) to see how they react. Some people just don't tolerate dairy well.

caroline grenier says:

Loving your mini quick Beginner Tips. I was wondering if greek yogurt is a
dairy accepted?

Paleo Flourish Magazine says:

haha…I'd agree. If it makes you feel that bad, I definitely wouldn't eat it.

Indi Siroki says:

It would be a shame if you did not build muscle when other people do it easily using Legion Fat Loss (search for it on google).

Paleo Flourish Magazine says:

All very true, but I'd throw in that it's about more than the ability to break down lactose. Many people with compromised/leaky guts also have sensitivity to casein and other compounds in dairy and therefore don't react well. All why I recommend cutting it out for a while and then reintroducing as a test.

youairhead999 says:

Young children almost universally produce lactase and can digest the lactose in their mother's milk. But as they mature, most switch off the lactase gene. Only 35% of the human population can digest lactose beyond the age of about seven or eight, there is a great article in Nature Magazine with an interview with Mark Thomas a professor who has analyzed adults to map the populations who have the genes to process lactase. Search the net for Nature Magazine archaeology the milk revolution.

Olivia Grave (TheRealMeDiet) says:

I ate yogurt yesterday (full fat plain) but it gave me heartburn that I have never had before and for 10 hours. I can't get raw in my town so I think I'll need to get rid of it before it kills me LOL.

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