Paleo diet money saving tips

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A lot of people think the paleo diet is an expensive diet to follow. In this video I talk why this is a misconception and also give you some tips to follow a paleo diet while saving some money and make sure you are getting plenty of nutrition too.

Eating a paleo diet is not expensive but it is a bit more pricey than following a diet full of processed, unhealthy foods which unfortunately are very cheap.

The tips I mentioned in the video are:
– Avoid lean meat
– Introduce organ meat
– Buy meat with bones
– Eat eggs
– Eat more fat
– Eat seasonal produce
– Save on organic food
– Buy local food
– Eat more starches

Here is the link to the clean 15 and the dirty 12 to inform you on amounts of pesticide in fresh produce:

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chelle patino says:

that bird was competing with you 😉

Queen See says:

You should make a video of the town you live or show us around looks beautiful and show us what vitamins you take or how you wash your face at night

IntotheFire says:

Looking beautiful with that hair Catalina!

Anni Hovsepian says:

Catalina thank you for your informative videos! I was really confused between organic and non organic but now I know how to shop for both! 😘

knitnpaint says:

Great video. I wanted to thank you for getting me started on my Garden last year. I have lots of blackberries getting ripe soon, a few peaches on my baby trees and some plums.
Just harvested a bunch of Kale. Tomatoes are setting fruit. It was a lot of work, but now that it is growing and I am harvesting, it is so worth it. Ohh yeah and lots of strawberries. My garden is small and I make use of all that I can. It is surprising how much you can grow on just a small space. I have lettuce in pots and it is doing great.

mkrp4 says:

I want to complement again on your hairstyle!

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