Paleo Diet Vlog: What I Eat In A Day

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Paleo diet vlog: what i eat in a day – I am loving a paleo based diet at the moment so decided to do a vlog showing you my paleo diet and what i eat in a day! I’ve been doing a paleo based lifestyle for about a month now and i’m feeling great so am going to carry on with it for a while!

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Power Living Wellington –
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Raw Goodness –

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Hi everyone! I’m Ailish Lucas aka The Glow Getter. I love all-natural makeup, organic beauty products and am a green beauty blogger. On this channel you’ll find GRWM’s, tutorials, tips and tricks and vlogs to help you glow from the inside and out.

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Betsy Bradley says:

Great video! I think you would look nice with bangs!

Sarah Firth says:

Great video! I really need some B12. About to go buy some now. Also, I'm a bit Myers Briggs obsessed… I'm ENTP but right in the middle of I and E. So interesting 🤓

Girl With Grit says:

Great video! Love your new hair! I love how healthy my hair feels after getting it cut. Is that an engagement ring? Can't remember if you said a while back if you were engaged 😉

Kara Soule says:

Wonderful video! May I ask what eyeshadow, if any, you were using? Looking lovely, as always!

Gia P says:

Great vlog! Gorgeous hair! I'm also a proponent of the health benefits of the Paleo diet. Looking forward to your foundation video..

Colleen Barry says:

Hi Ailish, I like your haircut! Those raw treats look so good! I have took the Myers Briggs test many times and I am an INFJ. I hope you will do more 'What I Eat in a Day' videos. Do you eat any meat protein during the week? I noticed you eat a more plant based diet. Enjoy your weekend!

Amy Presler says:

Great video!
I want one of those treats!!
I've found that when I really eliminate refined sugar, a treat like that would be SO filling! But if it's garbage "food," I would find myself wanting to eat them all. Speaks volumes about the disaster that refined sugar is to our bodies, right?

More videos like this, please! And maybe your home facial routine?

Ethical Em says:

Loved this style of video, well done. I'm INFP and this video prompted me to test again and I'm still INFP xxx

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