Paleo Diet Weight Loss Update | 30 Day Results

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Paleo Diet Weight Loss Update | 30 Day Results

My paleo diet was going well until I decided to ‘loosen up’ a bit and have some air popped popcorn. I figured it had fiber, antioxidants, and was a fairly clean food to indulge in. Well, I am still paying for it. My gut is so unhappy right now!

For the next few weeks, I’ll return to being more strict about what I eat and sticking to fruits, vegetables, fish and other meats, nuts, etc. This has been a hard lesson for me. Next time I decide to indulge, I’ll try a smaller amount and stay away from corn!

I used to have popcorn as weekly treat (I was grain free, dairy free, and refined sugar free all last summer and fall with the exception of popcorn on the weekends). As you might know from my channel, I went adopted a horrible diet through the holidays and the start of winter but I’m working on cleaning up my eating and nutrition so I can be healthy again.

If you are looking to learn more about the paleo diet, this is an awesome breakdown (one of the best I have seen… although I would have liked to see more emphasis on the importance of high quality meat and knowing where it came from):

Here are some of my favorite recipes I’ve been enjoying:…

Be sure to check out my channel and subscribe for other weight loss updates, skin care advice, healthy recipes, and more:…

Thanks for watching and let me know if you’ve ever tried the paleo diet and what kind of results you had!


Haylee Gardner says:

Congratulations! You look great! Keep you're determination, and keep your head held high!

Andree Lamb says:

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Healthy Shay says:

My next update will be at the 90 day mark so keep an eye out for that! Also, I've been loving 'Thrive' for affordable paleo goodies (especially when I'm traveling). Great prices, love the site organization (I especially like the ability to shop according to specific categories i.e. paleo or vegan), and the variety of products – the best part is the free gifts (so far, I've gotten a free jar of paleo mayonnaise, free primal bars, and a free jar of organic, virgin coconut oil… not bad! Also, when people sign up through your link, you get $25 so it's a win-win! Check it out here:

Hunter789 says:

awesome job. keep up the vids and progress updates please!

New Mommy Life says:

Wow! Those are amazing results! This is some more motivation for me as well. Air Popped Popcorn is a weakness of mine too. We all have one :)

The Buchanan Family says:

Well done you look great :)

J&J Tube and Toys says:

Amazing job! You look great! thumbs up! :)

Adelle Ramcharan says:

Omg Shay. Congrats :)

Funny Games says:

Great video friend. Liked and subscribed for you. Please check out my channel. Thank you so much

Livia Poinaru says:

great video Shay! thx for pushing this out to us 🙂 i`m inspiring myself with healthy foods from Kudos!

Diana Bryant TV says:

You look great sweetie!! Great video and so inspirational! I gave you a BIG thumbs up!! <3

Taylor Alyssa37 says:


Ani Johnson says:

Congrats on your accomplishment. I am doing a smoothie detox right now cutting out all breads dairy meats etc.. So this is something to keep in mind when I reintroduce my body to my normal food selection… Thanks

Live, Love & Learn Naturally says:

You're looking fab 😍😍 well done xx

Tamera Weeks says:

You look fantastic…..and only 30 days later! Wow That's very interesting about the popcorn. Let us know in your video updates if you decided the popcorn want a good idea.

So no dairy and no grain. I get the dairy, but why is grain not good? Gluten is in bread. I'll go find your Paleo video and maybe you explain it there. 🙂

You're doing fantastic!!! Keep it up!!

Whitney Nadolny says:

You look awesome! I totally would have gone for the popcorn too. I am in the infantile stages of eliminating dairy from my diet and I'm both excited and dreading it because I love cheese. Thanks for posting these updates!

kortezfitness says:

Congratulations on your weight loss

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