Paleo vs Atkins vs Ketogenic Diet

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A basic comparison of the Paleo vs Atkins vs Ketogenic Diets explained by a nutritional scientist. The Paleo vs Atkins vs Ketogenic Diet do have some similarities and overlap, but there are key differences that I explain in this video. As a scientist, I find the ketogenic diet or “keto diet” to be superior in obtaining certain health benefits however, it is important to consider sustainability of a ketogenic diet, and whether it is right for your lifestyle. For that reason, I also discuss individual considerations (goals, activity levels, food preferences) in order for you to make the best decision about the ketogenic, atkins and paleo diet in a way that balances your needs as an individual.

If you’re trying out a Ketogenic Diet, here is a really useful and inexpensive tool for measuring your ketone levels:

If you decide to go the Paleo way, I recommend reading the book of Dr. Loren Cordain, creator of the Paleo Diet (and the close friend of my favourite grad school professor! :D):

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Gees Momma says:

thank you for making this

mrslittlefish says:

I just found your channel and it's great. I've subscribed!
I have been eating very low carb/keto for 10 months. It's so life transforming. Acne gone, menstrual migraines gone, depression gone. I eat gorgeous food and feel great. Oh, and I am the leanest I have been in years.
Btw you can make wonderful cakes with erythritol/stevia if you feel like you are missing out. Also %90 chocolate is okay (even good for you I've heard)

sassybabie says:

I liked this scientific approach on these popular diets. Can you share more tips and even recipes for paleo and keto diets? Im interested to try either one!

ixchel231 says:

do you know how keto diet affects cholesterol levels. I would love to try it but concerned whether it would raise my LDL and total cholesterol levels.

G M says:

the 100 carbs on Atkins is on maint. phase. you lost all you want and are staying at that level. 100gr carbs CAN be much lower. it all depends on the person. I use them interchangeably. when I did "atkins" it was basically Keto but Keto wasn't really a big "thing" then. I did it in early 80s and again big time in late 90's. works great but the one thing Atkins did get right is the phrase "A lo carb LIFESTYLE".

John Smith says:

Hooray someone with a medical background to talk in this topic.

Massiel Eve says:

Ketosis is not healthy

Tarja says:

I'm testing the paleo menu for one month "for science". So far I'm pretty surprised at the recipes and how easy it is to switch to them, and they are still pretty tasty. Will see if I keep up with it on a longer term. I'm not sure about keto yet. Looks a bit hardcore and complicated to me since I don't have an incentive like health problems to motivate me. You didn't mention keto allows dairy products, paleo doesn't. That's another important difference imo (and what could make it difficult to some to switch to paleo).

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