Parasite Cleanse: 5 Steps Of A Successful Parasite Cleanse

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Learn How To Cleanse Your Body From Parasites. Expert Eric Bakker shares 5 steps to cleanse your body from parasites once and for all.

To find out if you have parasites check this video it goes over 10 signs and symptoms of parasite.

In that video you will learn if you have parasite or not.

If after watching the video you find that you have parasites.

Then this video will teach you step by step how to get rid of parasites.

I have shared 5 steps to a proper parasite cleanse that will get rid and remove parasites from your body.

Anyone looking for a best parasite cleanse that will work then this is the video.

I will do further videos about parasite cleanse diet,.

If you have any questions about my natural parasite cleanse or parasite treatment. Let me know.

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Patty C says:

Dr. Bakker, what if you have a systemic parasitic infection? Is nutrition enough alone? If not, what else must a person do? Thank you kindly – love your videos.

nolabutterfly says:

Don't make fun of Dr. Google. Make fun of pseudo investigators. I correctly diagnosed my immune disorder and it's cause better than ANY of the 20-30 rheumatologists I saw for my Post-streptococcal Reactive Arthritis in 4 cities and 2 different countries over 2 separate incidences, and ONLY Dr. Google was able to help me get closure on my dangling diagnosis. Just saying. AND that's how I found you. LOVE what you say, and measuring it against what other doctors are saying. Been following Dr. Morse (youtube him, he's awesome too!) and he says Don't junk the fruit, fix the body's filtering system and eliminate the mold with an herbal parasite formula… really trying to get to the bottom of candida cause I have been fighting it for DECADES. I thought I had it licked (stuck garlic up my privates for a night or two and never needed topical creams again for feminine outbreaks; stopped heavy drinking) but now I started drinking a couple drinks with my boyfriend, and I have a couple years of extreme poverty where I ate junk food, even when my son was eating organic veggies, and I have a systemic infection that includes orange eyes, frequent nausea, brain fog, headaches and even dizziness once, and if I drink even one drink it can bring me down for 2 days (I have STOPPED DRINKING AGAIN, I KNOW, I KNOW!!)… and now my circumstances are better financially, etc, but I'm just out of the habit of eating well and my 3 year old son who just recently stopped nursing may have gotten candida as he has flaky yellow skull cap (?) and a cough and drip that won't stop (month and a half now!) even when on antihistamines (they make him worse). Now I need to get a grip on my health once and for all and my son's, which is just OVERWHELMING for me. I can't deprive my son of fruits… and what about what Dr. Morse says about candida… this is why I am here. HELLO. And THANK YOU.

brendan w says:

Ok. I watched the video again, I'm not seeing things. I wouldn't bother you about this because I am appreciative of your sharing great knowledge. However it's there, plain as day. @ 3:50 it's to your left, top shelf, it flys out of the shelf and down and behind you and opens up like a smoke ring. Most definitely not a dandelion pod. Whatever it is it sure is strange.. Again much respect to you sir for sharing. Just look. Lol

brendan w says:

Thanks for the info. Great video. Now. Take a close look at 3:50 right after he says yeast infection, there's what looks like a spirit or orb that comes off the shelf to the upper right of the screen. It looks like it came straight out of maybe a doll on the shelf?? Freaky

Richard Ward says:

quick question: Ive been on the candida diet for more than 2 months. i got on it because of mucous in my stool. it has all cleared up, but if i start to feel sick again the mucous reappears in my stool. im going to get a stool analysis. the doctor ordered three samples, one a day for three days. will the candida or any potential parasites appear in the stool even if the mucous is not apparent in the stool? should i wait for the mucous to reappear in the stool before i perform the stool test?

Monica Scott says:

I want to start juicing vegetables and fruits. Is this a good idea for this condition.

israel mac says:

thanks Doc Erick I will try to do a trip to new Zealand to consultation In I can play some Piano we keep in touch.

israel mac says:

regarding of the milk I will try the recepy of your book your book really help to understand the mein cause of the problems.

israel mac says:

first thanks for taking the time to answer Doc you are a humble in a very good Doctor I'm i pianist teacher and I have irritacion in the anus rectal in itching, I buy just in 4 days ago your book in suplemments I gonna start the cleansing first , my custion its wath can I do to stop the itching in irritacion for the moment ?

israel mac says:

in regards to the milk, is it OK to use almond milk or even regular milk? I live in the city any do not have access to raw milk. And my other question is: how do you take Colozone? and how many times during the day do you recommend taking it?

israel mac says:

Hi Doc I have 2 cuestión can colasan colon cleansing work for the big cleansing In wath time of milk for the yogurt home made it can use ?

ProChessPlayer says:

3 people from planet "WErLosers" voted this video down.

Super Saiyan Fitness says:

besides candida climbs higher if theres no food and makes biofilms isnt that correct?

Super Saiyan Fitness says:

i hear alot of people doing crazy things like long water fasts like 4-21 days to starve out the parasites i mean i believe intermittant fasting is usefull because you need nutrition but i think the long fasts are a little crazy

Rob says:

you know i always noticed times when it got worse. Like a man having his period (probably the first and hopefully the last times i'm going to say this). but that moon connection really struck a chord with me

Christine Ewing says:

Thank you Doctor.

darksid33 says:

Honestly something I want to add to my fellow Americans is we have to educate ourselves on what good quality yogurt is. We've been tricked for a long time into thinking yogurt is something sweet and smooth. When it's actually thick and more sour tasting. Read the labels and make sure it doesn't have junk added to make it taste better. you guys outside the US probably don't know because you get real yogurt but our perception of it is more of like a dessert then actually fermented food.

Almendra Rosas says:

Excellent video doctor !!! On the other hand, for those recovering from candida would you recommend eating Ezekiel cereal ? I read the nutrition info it says no yeast.

ghaida h says:

If I have the symptoms and did the spit test, is that enough to determine that I have candida or do I have to do the blood and stool test?

Christine Ewing says:

hello doctor how do I have you do stool analysis for me please send me the info. thank you

Dona Collins says:

This is one of the best videos i have seen on topic of parasite cleanse. Thank you!!

Magie Magana says:

I love the way he talks with the truth. Thank you

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