Pit Bull on Raw Diet – Day 3 (Chicken Necks and Backs)

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ETA: I know that in the grand scheme of YouTube this doesn’t have that many views, but I never thought it would get this many, and I want to thank everyone in the comments who is adding great information and helping me to correct the myths floating around. This video has become a little wealth of knowledge, and you guys are all great. 🙂 Keep doing what you’re doing.

This is a video of day three of Bodie’s raw diet.

We are going the way of 80/10/10 for now, with little-to-no plant matter. Since it is only day three, he is still getting meat and bones only, no other proteins, no organs, etc while his body adjusts to the change. He is taking to it very well and hasn’t hesitated to eat his food since the first day. 🙂

Bodie is a male, neutered pit bull terrier (or mix thereof). He is roughly 7 years old and I am feeding him one ~1lb meal per day based on his activity level and ideal weight (around 50lbs for his size). Right now he is a little overweight from his kibble diet and lazing about the house with no energy but otherwise is in good health.

Thanks for watching!


Alex o says:

what i loved most about this video it his tail wagging at the beginning :)

DoubleDogDare54 says:

My little Poodles and Bichons would have cleaned that bowl in under 30
seconds. They hardly chew necks anymore. They just gulp them. So I feed
them backs and leg quarters as well so their teeth sparkle.

Dog-sat a champion Pekingese for several months two years ago and after his
first taste of raw chicken he became obsessed with it and would spend the
whole day in front of the fridge, hoping chicken necks would magically fall
out for him. He didn’t chew them either. He’d almost take my fingers off
when I fed him the necks and gulp them down whole.

That big mouth of his reminded me of a shark coming up to grab a seal, he
was so serious about it. Not at all the tame little lap dog his owner
thought he was. And she was puzzled after she got him back, this new habit
he had of sitting in front of the fridge staring at it intently for some

She didn’t approve of raw feeding so I never told her the whole story.

NorthStar Kennels says:

Try to lift the dish up closer to the dog’s head height it will help him
feed a little better and more comfortably. :)

Carmella Dolmer says:

i feed my pit bull two kilos of chicken heads and whey protein every day

ufuk yucel says:

Pls dont give your dogs chicken bones!!!!


There are so many dumb ass uneducated people here xD raw food is GOOD for
your animals, not that commercial shit. 

Writing. says:

My dog loves tomato….he goes crazy when he sees one.

Sarah Reidy says:

I love the crunching noise. Raw meat is the best you can give them. For
starters you know what your feeding them, unlike most dog kibble! My 3 year
old German shepherd loves his food. Great looking pitbull by the way :)

muieminimale says:

your dog is lazy as fuck! my dog would eat that shit in like 40 seconds ! 

Alfonso Soto says:

i have a 4 month old pitbull puppy im feeding him a bowl of victor super
premium mixed with a lil bit of raw chicken or beef twice a day but he does
not gain any weight can somebody help??

sdfsdfgsdfsdfgify says:

Why would the kind of food a dog eats make them “meaner”? So a dog who eats
raw is likely to go kill and eat a human? And a kibble eating dog will not?
Lmao that’s the biggest load of bs ever. Raw diets are the best things for
dogs. It can eliminate many health problems too that kibble eating dogs may

KoG GoK says:

more like a salmonella diet i feed my dogs raw chickens.. but with
feathers… 2-3 dollars per chicken at the farm cheaper then dog food.

Sennus Narrom says:

Why do I always feel so soothed by watching dogs eating a raw diet?

SexySheerah says:

Your dog is beautiful and adorable.

Inock Up says:

where do you get the chicken?

curlupanddyeable says:

I love watching my pit and other pitties eating a raw diet. Makes me happy
to see a healthy pup!

bubbles02010 says:

why is it so nice and fun to watch dogs eat happily? especially raw meat
and bones?

diana Larson says:

I hate to be a buzz kill on the raw diet/chicken, but my 9 !/2 yr old pit
bull died 3 weeks ago from complications of e-coli from feeding her raw. I
started her on the raw diet in December and she died Feb. 8th. The vet
completely mis-diagnosed her which also contributed to her death. ER Dr’s
diagnosis: septic peritonitis with possible GI perforation.she had almost
every symptom of e-coli in dogs.If I had only known I would never have fed
her raw. She was a very healthy dog. BE VERY CAREFUL WITH RAW CHICKEN!
even though a lot of people love raw, you need to know what you are doing
and have an excellent vet

Tanisha Munro says:

I heard feeding big dogs like pits made them mean guess not ( our roomie
said this so yeah) 

amazingdany says:

Meaty bones are not only the best food for domesticated cats and dogs,
they’re incredibly cheap on the wallet, especially for cats!

Oh man, the money I busted for canned food (which is still good) and that
urinary infection-teeth-rotting- diabetes-causing bullshit that are dry

Damn vets at the local clinic that didn’t tell me that info…


HowDaddyIsDoing says:

what a cool dog

arissa vasconcelos says:

@suckittomcat And just for you to know, Salmonella is also find in kibble,

Hannah Loewe says:

@tristan0071996 I understand how you might assume that I never give my dog
access to water by watching a video of one meal shot on my deck. However,
not to worry! He has full-time access to fresh, clean water inside the
house (where most keep their water). I do not feed veggies to my carnivore
other than the occasional bit of sweet potato when he has a bad tummy, as I
am not feeding BARF. Also, he is now at a healthy weight where his rolls do
not poke over the top of his hips when he sits.

scoutpups says:

He’s a beautiful, happy looking dog! Great that you feed him raw to, I feed
my chocolate lab Scout a raw meat and bone diet and he loves it! his
favourite meat is lamb and he loves liver, but really he loves everything!
keep it up!

Hannah Loewe says:

@GreatDaneAthena As soon as a puppy is weaned you can switch her to raw –
it’s great for her development and a wonderful method to cope with
teething, too. You will need to do a little research to make sure you give
your pup food she can handle – I Googled “raw food for puppies” and came up
with a lot of good information. Good luck! 🙂

Tariq Hemed says:

Part 2 because he is hungry, he then says whats the point i have got more
of the same and goes back for it. Also he walks away from the bowl to chew
one piece over why? it is because he is aware that hes keenness and hunger
would otherwise take place of the concentration required to prevent choking.

80spopQueen says:

So cute. Especially when waiting for her supper

godsfiddler says:

@Amanda Miller I feed necks and backs for one meal, beef without bone the
next, and so on. I don’t do 80/10/10 for each meal. I do the 80/10/10 on a
two week basis.

Hannah Loewe says:

11 weeks is a great age to begin raw feeding. As soon as a pup is weaned it
can be started on raw, and bones are surprisingly (or perhaps
unsurprisingly) great for teething. Please google “raw feeding for puppies”
and even just regular “raw dog food” and do some research to make sure
you’re ready to meet his nutritional needs.

Hannah Loewe says:

It’s hard to say because I usually try to buy it in bulk so it lasts a
couple of months, and am always looking for unwanted meat via Craigslist
(old or freezerburned, but good for a dog). It also depends on the weight
of your dog. Based on his weight I feed Bodie about 1lb of food per day. If
I were to buy every meal for him for one month and stay under $3/lb for
meat (I don’t really even like to pay that much) then I would clear under
$90, but I’d say I spend less than $60 average.

tristan blackburn says:

are you to lazy to put veg’s with this– they also need that and i dont see
any water to drink–where is that. their need meat also not just bones and
he is not over weight–i would like to see how much you weight–is this
poor dog used for fighting or what!!! this is very wrong he needs more veg
and. vit

wan2shuffle says:

Crap. I’ve been feeding my pit cooked weight bearing bones :O

klappeh says:

oh he’s so cute :3

marinabluesea says:

@sking388 It will damage their stomach only if it is cooked, fried, baked,
etc. The reason it breaks into pieces and splinter is because when it is
cooked, most of the fat and muscle on the bone will be torn causing it to
break into pieces. Whereas raw meat will keep the bones moist with fat and
muscle tissues supporting it…..and prevent it from breaking.

Elly Shirvell says:

Hey i just wanted to say your pit bull is rather adorable, he or she seems
to be in good shape 🙂 has your dog shown any aggression? many people think
their aggression is genetic so i was just wondering if it has been violent
or something related to that manner. If he has you probably should train
him if you’re not already.

tRapdontRap says:

only when cooked, raw bones are healthy for them actually

Man... says:

Don’t fall for your veterinarian’s lies. Cooked bones are unsafe for the
dog. Purely raw ones help to teach proper chewing for your dog, and they
also help regulate bad breath.

x2eXu50x says:

Your dad is a business man. All vets support kibble because it brings dogs
in for vet visits much more often.

░▒▓█YTTeeVee™█▓▒░ says:

that is soo healthy for him…awesome dog too!

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