Puppy has Diarrhea with Raw diet, the 4 main reasons idiots mess up dog

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Puppy has Diarrhea with Raw diet, the 4 main reasons idiots mess up dog..Fucking idiots
Peter Caine dog training


Dear Alexander Hansen says:

Okay but you guys cant bitch at him because hes not wrong. He has a playlist with like 56 videos so people could have easily gone to the playlist and he wouldnt have had to make this video.

Brian Ingram says:

I feed my dog raw bigfoot meat

Da Guppz says:

peter, i know you hate when we ask you things in the comments(so please don't kill me in my sleep), but would you ever consider getting other social media like twitter or instagram? i'm asking mostly because i could see you schooling people all the time and it'd be fucking awesome.
best wishes as always, my good man.

Joeyblondewolf2 says:

I slowly moved my puppy corgi from kibble to raw once I found the truth.
Never had any issues. so far I hope I'm doing it right, I think I am cause I'm a research freak xD

Can you do a video about how some people are worried about them or their dogs getting ecoli from raw meat. Too many people worry about it lol and I wanna show them it's ok.

shaun m says:

i laugh at every vid. fantastic

Rick McCoy says:

peter caine has diarrhea of the mouth that makes us all sick. BOOOOOOOOO !

lostinYourReality says:

"You have the audacity to ask me a question" LOL maybe because people are willing to learn or maybe they're kids? What's the point of trying to help people if you're going to belittle them. And calling them idiots is kind of ironic.

Michael Graystone says:

News flash: the internet has vast resources on canine appropriate raw diet. Google it.

TheD†uned says:

grind up egg shell for calcium

jay SP says:

My 8 months puppy had diarrhea/vomit with raw meat diet.

Jermine German says:

Or you are giving too much organ meat? Lol come on Peter, you idiot

PYRAMID888 says:

The people who contact you about their puppies diarrhea are IGNORANT not IDIOTS. They admire your work and your passion for animals. You're like Dr. Doolittle with Tourette Syndrome. Someone who has a website called Read Your Dog needs to learn how to read humans. Your attitude is the only thing stopping you from becoming a multimillionaire.

Laura's Life says:

I did so much research before putting my latest addition on raw. She started on minced/ground chicken 🙂 .Well said Peter ,Thank you :). My pup didn't go through the night only after swapping to Raw food. Mind you recently she did have blood in her pooh due to to high a bone content so she is having extra veg just now. It'll get cut back after her tummy heals. I love your passion . 🙂

Relxa says:

Peter your so handsome

Illegal Cannabis Farmers Of Canada says:

Peter you the man!

Yuulo says:

All the idiots

A Rodriguez says:

damn…big thumbs up

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