RAW DIET: Dogo Eating his Pork Dinner

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Optimus Prime munching on a fresh slab of pork



Kyla M. says:

Pork is not a safe or healthy option. Raw diets usually consist mostly of chicken, beef, fish, and egg along with some supplemental things instead.

kawika dav says:

Is your dog still alive? I heard pork is bad for dogs.

Ethan Saldanha says:

Some say that he is still eating that pork today

crewmhv says:

Es demasiado grande jajaja

greymobvmp says:

How do I get started feeding my Dogo a fresh food diet?

Hiram Soosenuu says:

how you get them to not move from that eating spot…without moving their food else where???

J. C says:

HEHEH. l for one would not like the clean that massive dog poop up.. đŸ˜²

Kyra and Friends says:

He's such a gorgeous dog! Sadly they're banned here due to stupid people and their idiotic opinions. He seemed to love that meal!!

Tiger soul says:

We all know how quickly dogs swallow their food without really chewing. Here, you can see how they take their time chewing and enjoying their food. Fun to watch them eat.

sadcalifornian says:

I used to give raw meat to mu dogs with no problem and I recommend it to all dog owners. However, when it comes to raw pork, aren't you concerned about parasites?

WizZ says:

Do you wash the meat before you give it to him? I would be worried of bacteria in raw pork to make him sick?

susanna lung says:

I don't have a dog, so I'm just wondering. But if you feed raw diet, how many times do you have to feed per day? Because I've heard that raw diet provides dogs with more energy, so do they still need to be fed at least twice per day?

Pancho. says:

me agarro hambre đŸ˜›

Grinder79 Aleixo says:

my 85 American bully is a totally princess I give him a big raw steak he does not eat any raw meat I have to cook and if is big pieces he won't eat either I have to grinder the meat so he can eat……..totally gentle guy
I would love for him to eat raw meat like other dogs

Martin Reyna says:

Do you take your dogo to hunt?

Sandra Fuller says:

For anyone who might be interested in feeding a raw diet there are two groups on Face book that you can ask questions and get information.One is call The Raw feeding community and the other is RFC Extreme.I will warn you the latter is very extreme and not for someone who is very sensitive.Feeding a raw diet + whole prey since 2007.

Miscellaneous says:

fuck.. i would've cooked that pork steak for myself..

lorne pil says:

How much it cost monthly

kemi says:

My goodness that piece of meat is huge! He is in heaven

John Parkanzky says:

He grew up quite nicely. My Dogo pup eats prey based. It's the best!

Theorcman2008 says:

The talk about bad stuff in kibble vs raw is stupid….Unless you buy organic. If not the dog is eating just as much if not more harmful hormones in the raw food.

ufuk yucel says:

Why is he's neck like that?

John Smith says:

good practise to take his food from him repeatedly to make him accustomed to people touching his food

curtis shattuck says:

he is sooooooooo pretty <3

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