Raw diet for dog 50-100lb using ground beef …….Peter Caine dog training

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Peter Caine dog training


Harlan Butler says:

I want to thank you for your videos! Switching to a raw diet has saved my 12 year old beloved pretty pits life! Your no nonsense videos have saved me from making mistakes while changing to this diet! I have been giving egg with out the shell, i will now give whole egg. so thank you again for being so real!

Terry Sandoval says:

thank you ,

Pat3142 Brown says:

Peter, What about dogs with yeast allergies? I have a Am.Bulldog that has horrible yeast allergies and I am trying to see if raw would be best for her. There are so many contradictions on other sites…I get so confused reading them. Learned more from your videos as to ' WHY' it should or shouldn't be done which was fantastic. Thank you. Your approached seems most common sense and I know it's trial and error based on the dog. However, I may have missed it but i didn't see you address one specifically on yeast allergies. Are there any crucial changes that would need to be made other than those youve addressed about watching your dogs reactions? Thank you again for advice.

Koto Nizna says:

hi peter i have a 6 month old labrador and i feed him both raw and cooked meat(ground pork). I give him a variety of meat from time to time cos he sometimes get tired of eating the same type of meat (mostly chicken bone in). Is it true that you should cook a pork especially ground pork cos they have parasitic worms compare to beef and chicken meat?

Peter Caine Dog Training says:

I have seen quail eggs in China town

Luis Aguilar says:

Where can you find those eggs? 

Peter Caine Dog Training says:

 Dogs are well equipped to handle the bacteria in raw foods

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