Raw Diet For Dogs 101 – Introducing Raw Meat To Your Puppy

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Be sure to watch in 4K!!!!

I hope this answered a lot of your questions guys! I really tried to give you as much information as possible, but just in case you still have questions, leave me a comment and I will try to help! I LOVE you all!!!!
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Ern Clinton Santos says:

We have a 5 month old pug, we feed her a mixture of chicken necks, ground round beef, chicken gizzard/liver and a bit of potato/squash. Would you recommend us adding those beef bones on her diet, won't she choke on it? Can small dogs eat them?

janice darmody says:

What dry food (kibble-not cooked) are there?! I'm really trying to please a picky eater- lover of variety!!

F bones says:

I've searched for this answer elsewhere but can't really find any info. Is the commercial chicken like Tyson and Purdue unhealthy for dogs. I know they are pumped with antibiotics when born but I'm not sure what other chemicals are introduced at a young age or with their feed. If anyone could elaborate because it's really the only kind of chicken I can buy in my situation and it just doesn't seem like it would be as healthy as it should be.

But then again, I'm pretty sure commercial dog foods (even the best ones) don't use free range organic chickens. So I'm not sure there is any benefit

TheMattd546 says:

wow. must cost a lot of money to do this. Is it still better if you feed dogs 2 times a week raw food and the other times regular dog food? Almost like a weekly treat?

Jody Miller says:

If you don't mind me asking what would be a good diet for my 5 month old blue. Unfortunately I can't exercise him as much as I'd like or he deserves being we stay in a hotel because of work. So in result of that he gets a real good exercise 1-2 times a week as the dog park( only place he's able to really run free) and he's not being able to hold much weight… so I'm really thinking of putting him on a raw diet just not sure if it'll be beneficial to him with lack of exercise or just make him have way to much bad fats.

csand81 says:

My vet said my dog cant have red meat or lamb, any suggestions on what else I can feed?

Smaughunter says:

Gizzards and hearts are classified as meat, not organ, for the purposes of raw feeding as they are non secreting muscles that are not rich in vitamins. To balance a raw diet it is critical to provide 10% secreting organ. 5% raw liver and 5% kidney, pancreas, thymus, spleen, and/or brain.

Jose Antonio says:

good afternoon I have a question at what age can I start to feed my puppies raw meals and what do you suggest I start with

Vaporizeee says:

This is a very informative video but first time raw feeders don't have quite the exact routine down. I have a blue nose APBT that is 5 months old around 50 lbs. I would like to start a raw diet as soon as possible. I have often heard it is important to start with something wider like chicken quarters the first few days? Also is it true they should fast one day with just water before they start the diet and also once a week on the diet? How many times should I feed my dog a day? When can I start throwing organs and a variety of meats in? How often should I switch from chicken to beef once he is on it? I know that is a lot of questions but if you could do the best to answer that would be great. I would love to have a Champion diet for my Champ!

Dc2 says:

I have a pitbull puppy and it's info is good for her, but what about my wife's dog, a little Chihuahua? it's mouth is pretty small so how would I got about giving him bones and meat?

Kyro Ledezma says:

How often do you feed raw beef to ur pitbulls i have 13 week blue nose i give her raw beef and livers but idk how often to give her raw beef and livers

Delores Cheatham says:

I totally agree with you one hundred and 10% with the raw food I don't know why we as people take our dogs and give them that dried pellet bullcrap… I feed my dogs raw to and I love these videos

13samwich says:

I'm sorry this is a stupid question but is it healthy for them to digest the raw bones? as long as it isn't cooked?

I Ride Shadow says:

Nice! Hard to watch bc i'm a vegan. But they're in such great hands!

Dierks off the chain says:

what kibble do you use for your puppies

Nasay Jones says:

my puppy just barks at his raw meat I tried feeding him. . he's 3mnths rottweiler/cane corso

Darrell Calhoun says:

This helped a lot thanks Aimee

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