Raw Diet for Dogs : Protein, Fat and Bone

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Raw Diet for Dogs : Protein, Fat and Bone, this is your basic rule of thumb
Peter Caine Dog Training


dutchess12ful says:

I can not let my dogs eat the raw meat in pieces it has to be grounded because they will eat it so fast they will joke on the food.

dutchess12ful says:

Hi Peter , my little dogs are 3.5 pounds and two of them are four years of age and the other is five years old. I buy the Marty's Meal, Primal and other brand names raw food to avoid missing any nutrients the dogs might need. It been 1 and 6 months now. I also added sweet potato and some times boiled rice to see if it would help. But the dogs look like they are emaciated. I called the owner of the company and they just tell me to feed more food it is not helping. I do not go to the vets anymore because they are against raw food and want to put the dogs on medication and the vets can or dry foods was not helping my little dogs. I had one of the little dogs on medication and she got so fat and swollen and drinking lot of water. My little dogs are doing better from allergies with the raw food but look very thin. I would really appreciate any advice o r what you think I can do differently.

onetonsoup G says:

Great video! I have a 9 month 24lb American Cocker Spaniel/ English Spinger Spaniel. We started raw today and thankfully I have found your channel! He had 1/4 chicken leg with back and chicken heart. He loved it!
Recently I have noticed he doesn't like his kibble and started to become smelly! He gets brushed everyday and his teeth brushed every night so I was mad he was becoming smelly. I figured it was his kibble and I am so excited to see how does with Raw!

Jennifer Robinson says:

You need to write a book.

kingpin30314 says:

So can I feed my dog mostly chicken with bone in and fish oil.

1st508th Airborne says:

Jupey looks like Megadeth singer Dave Mustaine… lol. I always thought cockers look like they belongs in a hair metal band. 🙂

Anita Willman says:

Jupey looks majestic. Thanks for more feeding tips!

Drew Wittman says:

Grand Master Jupey

Yona Curtis says:

You know I was feeing my dolphin the other day and the dried food was making him drink so much , I'm defiantly going to change his diet to raw and the good thing is if I go fish it myself its free. Not really any excuses to feed them anything but raw.

momo zen says:

I feed my Japanese Spitz a raw diet, but with bones I have to chop up the wing or necks up, if I feed it to him whole he gulps it down, doesn't chew it up enough so he ends up throwing up middle in the night.

Jeannie Lee says:

Hey Peter, what about adding "Bone Meal" as calcium if not using actual bones… is this sufficient.

The Hackist says:

Great video! THUMBS UP!! 👍

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