Raw Diet for Small to Med size dog

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A chicken based diet is best and add other meats like beef and pork along with organ-meats a few times a week
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divyanshu yadav says:

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littlekitchengirl says:

what is your opinion of using ground eggshells for calcium supplement. I do this when I feed venison to my dog as there is much more large muscle on a deer than rib meat. that way something that would be wasted when i cook eggs for myself gets saved and used for the dog.washed and dried then ground in my coffee grinder. I just sprinkle it on the meat. and give green tripe a couple times a week also. stinks but he loves it plus the digestive enzymes are good for them too. and the potassium calcium ratio is perfect in tripe even though it has no bone but that is unique to tripe not other parts of the animal.

Logan Newsome says:

Is it common for a puppy to act a little strange after transitioning from kibble to raw?

sn00piedog says:

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Shaby Sharma says:

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rick lastname says:

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Grampa says:

Necks and whole feet have more calcium, and the you can throw in the chicken butts to sharpen their sense of smell.

b weber says:

this is great info for Juno

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