Raw Food Recipe – Zucchini Pasta with Marinara Sauce – A Raw Diet & Raw Recipe

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Raw food author and chef Jennifer Cornbleet shows you to make delicious gluten-free raw pasta out of zucchini, which is topped with raw marinara sauce. From her DVD, Raw Food Made Easy. http://www.learnrawfood.com

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jblady4 says:

I think that I must have did something wrong. It was not palatable. What
kind of tomatoes? I used vine ripe and Roma. Organic red pepper, garlic,
sundried tomatoes, olive oil, fresh basil, Italian seasoning, salt and
pepper. It was not good when I made it. Did I miss something?

Whitney D says:

Tried this tonight, and loved it! Thank you for the recipe :)

Larry Richelli says:

This lady has to use oil in almost every thing she does. Oil is the worst
thing a raw fooder can eat. It’s just not a good food at all!

Roch Bourgoin says:

I’m a trucker and new to all these new vegan diet recipes. I’m 49,
overweight and need to eat better. I just tried your recipe and I was
amazed on how good it was. My son also, said that the sauce was incredible.
Thanks so much for this recipe, It’s marvelous. I’m gonna eat this several
times a week because I love pasta. I thought, when my doctor told me to eat
more healthier because of my blood pressure that it would be a drag to. I
didn’t know that it could be so good. With recipes like this one, I’ll be
really healthy in no time. Thanks again.

Simone Ribeiro says:

I made this sauce in less than 5 minutes and it tasted delicious!! Thank
you for sharing. 

Samha Azheem says:

This is amazing !!! SO much inspiration to go completely raw and not have a
boring salad diet !!!

Matthew Sulpizi says:

i would also add in some sliced organic kalamata olives.

Elizabeth M says:

I loved this! The sauce was fantastic! It was way better than I thought
it would be.

Missy lala says:

Could you put nuts in there, to make it seem like it has meat? 

Luiza Wilczyńska says:

C’est genial, merci

Piero Santoro says:

Please would people stop calling tomato sauce MARINARA … this means sauce
with fish in Italian. I’m sure you don’t have fish in there since this is a
raw vegan dish. Drive me insane!

insite7hr says:

Buggy gy

SoundLightWaves says:

i am sure that is awesome

Janice Williams says:

Just made this and it is absolutely delicious! My 5 yr old said it was

Kamikaze Krunch says:

you can do A LOT of things with zucchini. Also, you can eat that whole
bowl and if you didn’t add the oil, it would probably only be like 300
calories at the most if you ate all of that. If that was real pasta and
sauce, it would be more like 700 calories. LOL very nice recipe.

Nellie Schönbeck says:

If I do this am I cutting out the salt and the oil. I think that the
recepie is to fatty.

marie Harman says:

This is a great recipe I have done it a few times new and all my kids love
it too.
Thank you xx 

mona cayen says:

I just made this for dinner didn’t have sun dried tomatoes so I omitted
that and it still was delicious thank you :)

Nibbit says:

I just made this recipe and it’s soooo good. I will be making this A LOT
in the future. 

Goodbye Oven says:

I can’t wait to try this!

adam yee says:

just make this yesterday…great recipe and guilt free!! Salute for

Judy Jetson says:

Whenmountainsmove as long as you keep the food at 117*f or less the natural
enzymes are not killed off. You may research it. 

informationwarfare says:

That looks so good! I MUST try this.

dorothy2295 says:

Too much sauce

S R says:

I am not huge on peppers and the flavor. I enjoy them cooked as it gets out
that “bite” that peppers often give, but then that wouldn’t be raw. Is
there something I can use as a substitute for the pepper in this sauce that
would achieve the same or similar result?

Danika P says:

omg yummm!!!!!

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