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Raw Vegan Diet Documentary | Raw Vegan Lifestyle Doc | Raw Food Documentary | Raw Vegan Weight Loss

I Like It RAW is a documentary based on the premise that food is medicine.

Join documentary filmmaker Dana Giesbrecht as she follows 5 meat-eating Albertans with pre-existing health conditions as they attempt to go fully RAW for 30 days and reclaim their health.

If you’re interested in attempting the RAW Vegan diet and lifestyle for yourself, to experience the many amazing benefits that eating this way has on your health, happiness, mind, body and soul, visit http://ilikeitraw.com to try the full 30 day Raw Vegan challenge for yourself!

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Laurie Turunen says:

They would do far better if they ate way less fat and far more fruit. Carb up!

burchwillson says:

videos amazing

Hey says:

Great video! I am definitely inspired to do a raw challenge 🙂 I'll prob make some smoothies and try some raw salads! Thanks :)

Kimberly Henry says:

what about tea? is that considered raw?

The Mellow Vegan says:

The only problem I have with this video is that you all keep talking about being vegan and how your going to continue to eat a vegan diet at least some of the time. Veganism is ALL about the animals. There may be health benefits that come from going vegan but that is not the focus of veganism. If you eat any sort of animal products or wear/use animal skins/products you are not vegan. Health is however the focus on plant based eating, which is eating plant based for health reasons. I just wish that you had done more research into veganism before you made a documentary about it.

Sierra-Legacy Avila says:

this is a great film. I've been a fully raw vegan for three months. prior to that I was a vegetarian enjoying raw cheese and meat once or twice a month. So going vegan or fully raw vegan wasn't a challenge.

Eelke Aptroot says:

Awesome to see how they handled it, I think Dani's approach was cheap and effective. People who think oil is raw or grind up cups full of nuts and consume the result are unlikely to reap the benefits of a (raw)vegan diet. I've never eaten raw for longer than 2 days or so, I also noticed incredible weight-loss, but I'm already on the low end of the BMI, so I had to quit. I'll add raw nutritarian saus to my empty starch calories. I think the raw paradigm is triggering for orthrexia, also they're basically kidding themselves, cashews are not raw and all their raw processing is still processing. That's why eating 1 or 2 handfulls of nuts is really healthy, yet blending up cups full and consuming that is about as bad as drinking a cup of oil or lard…. Slowjuicers even remove the fiber, which is considered to be one of the healthiest aspects of food, as does over-blending in a normal juicer, which lots of raw foodies do in videos. Still nice documentary, I hope some people feel challenged to try it.

Lavenrose Sunshine says:

ever hear of fully raw Kristina

Vegan Incline says:

Your comment disappeared on my video I don't exactly know what it all sad but thank you and I'll be around!

Ishtar Sama says:

Maaaan! This woman is beautiful. 😄

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