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Reverse Diabetes Eating FullyRaw! Join me as I interview one of my best friends Robby as we talk about reversing diabetes eating a plant-based raw vegan diet. It’s diabetes awareness month. Let’s celebrate health!

Robby and I both got into this healthy lifestyle because we both had blood sugar issues, and we became good friends. I was able to reverse my hyperglycemia eating FullyRaw because it was more of a lifestyle disease, the onset of type 2 diabetes. Robby is a type 1 diabetic who is sharing his journey eating at

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Nirmala K says:

I still don't understand about controlling blood sugar with type 2 when eating so much fruit on the raw vegan diet. some Fruits have a lot of sugar also dates too…are we supposed to be controlling our fruit intake when starting out raw vegan? I limit my fruit intake right now and I'm on a low carb diet and take metformin. switching to raw vegan is interesting but can I just start eating as much fruit as I want? I'm confused as I was told not to eat too much fruit by my doc

Neal Colfack says:

Love your positive attitude!

Michael Frasier says:

Really great informations but i'm a little bit skepticale about it. I always believe in the old school ways to reverse diabetes fast and the correct way. i think that following a full diabetes reverse program is necessary in order to get good results. there's some few proven programs such as David Andrews's program ( i forgot the name of the program ) or DiabRev program etc. It only needs a good determination to achieve the goal


question, after 30 days eating raw. glucose will come to normal. after this time we can increase our diet as a vegan? like eating greens and beans ?

Nlrl_28 says:

Hey Kristina, I'm just watching this now because diabetes runs in my family and I'm scared to get it. I have recently become vegan as well. I just wanted to ask how you found out you had hypoglycemia? What were your symptoms?

BC Walk says:

Cook your veggies to release anti nutrients and increase absorption of necessary minerals.

Karuna Shetty says:

Thanks for the information.. just trying to do so..

BlackBeltValeTudo says:

His diabetes was not reversed as he is still a type one diabetic.

Sarah Mccall says:

30 day commitment changed my life too!

Marcus Stover says:

I have really enjoyed this stuff so much [Go Here=== ]. But I would want to know if diabetes can affect fertility in men and women. Can secondary infertility be as a result of diabetes? It's like much is not mentioned here about that, or is it not relevant. I am 35 male with a child of 4 years, after I have been diagnosed of type 2 diabetes, I am yet to have another child. Although my doctor has not linked my diabetes to infertility, but I would love to know if there is any relationship between diabetes and fertility.

Opkar Sundaram says:

As a type 2 diabetic, I turned to eating low carbs and protein together, or have a carb crash about 60 minutes after eating. Very undesirable. But this stuff has really been of great help [Go Here===  ]. The diabetic-friendly diet plan is actually what I have been looking for. I just love it.  I can now have a fun-filled diabetic diet. I am so full of energy and life. This is very helpful.

Michelle beautyfabstar 2000xxooxxooxx says:

My mom told me about Forks over knives. I put it in my queue for NetFlixDVD, and I watched it, very much impressed.

Michelle beautyfabstar 2000xxooxxooxx says:

I snack too much. I recently became vegetarian/pescatarian. I ordered sausage today, and could hardly eat it.

Marissa Byrne says:

Would this work even on someone who's over 70 years old? He's been type 2 diabetic for over 30 years.

Helina T says:

I want my mum to try this, she is 55 and has bad arthiritis in her leg because of her long term diabetes. She limps when she walks and it is very sensitive around that part of her leg. Will she still benefit from this diet?

zolton on says:

Can someone please help me here my blood sugar is constantly low last few days and it's dropping all the time! The fruit doesn't help I can't sustain normal level of sugar and don't want to go back to bread and chocolate since I became vegan recently ! I would really appreciate any advice!

Heather Egnor says:

I'm so excited to have found you guys. I'm a insulin yoyo controlled diabetic. I'm 350 lbs doing protein smoothies now and just bought a juicer but now idea where to start.

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