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Mari Lopez was healed from Stage 4 Cancer by turning to God and changing her lifestyle and eating habits. She was healed by changing her habits, environment, nutrition and spiritual walk. Mari was healed in 4 months by juicing. See Part 2 for the recipe video for her Ginger Blast, the main juice she used to heal.

Now, Mari is here to share her testimony with the world. I praise God for intervening in her life, and for using her to spread a message of hope and healing by faith and cooperating with His ways.

To purchase her step by step program of what she did, go to

To schedule Mari and I to speak at an event or at your church, contact me at


kim miller says:

beautiful testimony, my mom is dying of cancer father has dementia and iam on disability from severe respiratory issues caused by living close to a metal smelter….we need a miracle, my mother is a christian but doesnt accept natural cures, keep us in yourprayers for healing and that God will shut down companies that are killing us

Ana M says:

You were really fortunate to have this second chance. My sister passed away from melanoma at the end of November. I will always wonder whether I could have done something else to help her or if the treatments we chose were wrong and other treatments would have worked better. We placed much hope in natural treatments, Gerson, organic food and juices and though we did it to the letter it didnt work.

Not everything works for everybody, and I wish my sister was one of those who survived, but she didn't.

Now I can only find refuge and comfort in God. He is the Life and the lenght of our days is in His hands. God bless.

elena marcello says:

thank you very much for your help

creativecompanion says:

I cured my own cancer, 100% gone. I did this with mega doses of a high quality , liquid fish oil. I weigh 150 lbs so my dosage was 1 Tbsp. three times a day, with meals. I took it straight from the spoon. It tastes like lemon cream. No fish taste. I am posting the link to the fish oil that I used, and continue to use for further prevention. I don't sell this. I just want to share how I cured myself so that others can do the same.

BTW- I monitored my own progress by ordering my own bloodwork through "Request a Test" online.

Feel free to contact me with any questions: (Wendy)

Хашим Зайналиев says:

my government wants to put me jail for successful cancer tretment

Andria Hincy says:

Beautiful testimony. God bless her

Phi1eap says:

Whoa! You should run for president!!

riel camp says:

So, does she only juice?? What does her dinners look like???

Heidi Fountain says:

I am happy to hear about her cancer being cured, but am really sad that these people believe that her being gay needed a cure.
Like…seriously? Sometimes I am amazed that there are people not realizing that it's 2016.
i myself am a lesbian, and I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt… You will ALWAYS be gay.
Learn to love and accept yourself exactly as you are.
No crazy belief in some magical man up in the sky should stop you from loving yourself and being true to who you really are.
With love…….wake the fuck up. ❤

Ashok kumar Pal says:

HI Mari Lopez,
how are you right now?
my father is suffering with cancer 4 stage. Please advice me for juicing.

Tahlia Moriya Bat Isreal says:

So, did you do chemo, radiation or therapy?

bhagyasree jm says:

anything is possible when God is by your side… Thanks a lot

William Griffin says:

God is so good! My wife is going through something because she has a horrible cough and inflammation. She's constantly coughing up phlegm and has bad coughing spells. Doctors say it's allergies but I don't believe it. I think something else is wrong. Praise The Most High for your healing!

Faithlyn Thomas says:

hi mari lopez, did you used all organic produce & fruits? how did you afford that for 9 months?

Healing Malorie says:

This is amazing!! Praise the lord!

Lisa verrette says:

I believe in God's food too. I juice and am on a journey of becoming raw. God bless you. Your story made me cry. YOU GO GIRL!!!!

Nette Gain says:

How much juice do you drink a day?

Elizabeth Tucker says:

Praise God, for he is Good!

Sunny Chic says:

you are so beautiful and inspiring thank you thank you. This morning I felt I was at rock bottom and I prayed for help and I already completely beleive in the power of raw foods and the first thing that I found was your video. I felt like God had answered my prayers through guiding me to you.

Gabriela Ana says:

Your story is an inspiration. Thank you for sharing it. Are you Latina? I was just talking to friends in Argentina that need to hear this information in Spanish! Just wondering if you would think of putting subtitles? Cheers :)

Marlene Flourentzou says:

Thank you so much for this information-it is much appreciated-God bless

athena energy Shine says:

I would like to lose weight and heal health problem. I have become vegan. I need to be more healthy and eat more fruit and vegetables. What does your aunt eat after juicing. What is her diet look like now.

Adeline Roseland says:

A miricle. I believe in what you have told us.Because I put my trust in God.He is my guide.I only depend on him.

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