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Thanks again for watching everyone!! I have done this cleanse and had success EVERY SINGLE time, 5 times before. This video series will take you on my journey so you can visually see what I [More]
Subscribe to my channel here: http://bit.ly/1Ls485t I post new videos every Tuesday, Thursday + Sunday♡ Yes – I did the Master Cleanse aka the Lemonade Cleanse. If you want to see me go through a [More]
16 Foods That Detox / Cleanse Liver Naturally — 16 Foods Explained — Best Health Tips In this video you will learn about 16 foods that detox / cleanse liver naturally and it will help [More]
Hi guys! hopefully you been watching my previous videos, if not and you just stumbled across this one. Go back and check those out first! so im on day 5! and excuse my crazy appearance [More]
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Day 1 on the master cleanse was a success. I was not ready for the effects of the salt water flush. Lol!!!! Here are some things I experienced my first day on the master cleanse