Raw Diet for Dogs : Protein, Fat and Bone, this is your basic rule of thumb Peter Caine Dog Training Readyourdog.com
Abady Pet Food Peter Caine Dog training ReadyourDog.com
Footage of my 14 month old Blue Bay Shepherd Kurgan eating a raw Turkey post hike snack. We just got home from rainy hike through the Mississippi River valley. He will get his main meal [More]
Jupie and Cammo’s special Dinner Raw Diet for, 2 Great Dogs Peter Caine Dog Training Readyourdog.com
Raw Diet for Dogs & Cats Chicken Thighs lack Calcium Peter Caine Dog Training Readyourdog.com
Be sure to watch in 4K!!!! I hope this answered a lot of your questions guys! I really tried to give you as much information as possible, but just in case you still have questions, [More]
Part 1: Where to get some of the supplies and what you will need.
Mojo is fed a balanced raw diet. Sometimes I add chicken wings or drumsticks to her meals, and I get many questions about why I feed her chicken. People think I’m stupid for feeding it, [More]
In this video seven vets talk though the benefits of a raw food diet for dogs.
Hey peeps! I have been feeding my dogs raw for almost 4 years and they love it! It has so many great health benefits. hope everyone enjoys this video! check out our Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yiskathedobie/ our [More]
Alright? so i have finally finished the raw feeding video that so many of you have asked for me to do. In this video i go over everything i think you will need to start [More]
Quick video of my reasons for choosing raw and my 7 month old pup chowing
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After a year of practice, I have developed a pretty good routine for cutting up 80 lbs of chicken quarters. My goal is the best price per meal, so I buy in bulk and spend [More]