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Paleo Diet had a detrimental effect on my health and since I made the original video about why I quit the diet, I’ve been trying to understand why Paleo diet failed me so much. I [More]
I’ve been trying to figure out how the Gerson therapy can reverse cancer when it does not incorporate ketosis. When you look at disease from the lactic acidosis standpoint then it makes sense that a [More]
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In our society practically everyone has heard of, or tasted, freshly-made vegetable or fruit juices. This is thanks to Noramn W.Walker, Paul Bragg, Herbert M. Shelten, Bernard Jensen and Jack Lalanne, a few of the [More] Ann Louise Gittleman brings the age-old practice of fasting into the 21st century by integrating her safe and healthy fast into a powerful lifestyle program that made its debut on 20/20 in April [More]
Vegetable Juicing Recipe for High Energy and Vibrant Health or Raw Diet I juice 3 days a week during the winter. Then no matter what I drink 2 green shakes a day.
Khabir Southwick presents a compelling case against living without some form of animal protein in the diet or eating only uncooked food. Ayurveda does not advocate any specific diet as individual digestive systems, nutritional needs [More]
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