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Peter Caine Discuses House Breaking Puppies, No Wee Wee pads and Raw Diet Peter Caine Dog Training Readyourdog.com
My puppies seem to enjoy the fresh meat better than kibble. Too bad that it is so costly 🙂
We feed raw model prey diet. Short brief description of a raw meal I prepaired for 2 Rottweiler puppies. A list of what we feed is on our page here http://vdrrottweilerbreeders.com/prey_raw_diet_rottweiler.html . Raw meat does [More]
Nick Thompson BSc (Vet Sci) Hons, BVM&S, VetMFHom, MRCVS – Veterinary advisor for Natures Menu pet foods shares his knowledge of puppies and the raw diet. Nick also explains why breeders he knows choose a [More]