The FullyRaw Meal Plan

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Do you want to succeed at a raw food diet?! Here is a fun and easy meal plan for you!

Are you starting a raw diet or do you struggle with starting because you feel that it is not working for you? Let me ask you this: ARE YOU EATING ENOUGH? Why do people fail at eating FullyRaw? The number one reason is because they do not eat enough. Don’t be discouraged!

The number one mistake that people make when they first go FullyRaw is that they don’t eat enough. I want you to succeed, so I’m going to go through different fruit/veggie calorie amounts to help you understand how much you need to be eating to feel your best.

More often than not, I hear about people who try eating FullyRaw for 1-2 weeks, and they feel amazing! They lose weight, have more energy, clearer skin, and feel alive! Then after a few weeks, they hit a plateau, and they begin to feel tired, lethargic, and spacey. When I sit down with these people, what we discover is that they are calorie deficient. They lack energy because they are not consuming enough energy.

This can be a scary journey for many. The first step is always the hardest because its such a new world– it’s a change of lifestyle. It’s not a diet; it’s a way of LIFE. When you begin this lifestyle, it does take time to adapt to eating more fruits and veggies, but once you get the hang, it becomes like second nature and you REALLY FEEL the benefits!

In my last video I show you what I ate. Most people don’t believe I eat that much and that’s ok. I’m not asking you to eat as much as me. I run 6-10 miles daily. I am an an athlete. I need more calories than the average Joe. Take the formula, fit it for you. Eat what feels comfortable. Calorie awareness is so so important. Moat people have been taught to diet-with calorie restriction. I’m here to tell you that calorie AWARENESS IS important. This is an abundant lifestyle, not restriction.

BEFORE WE START, If you are wanting to start a raw food diet definitely check out this video:

In order for you to understand how much you should be eating each day, lets walk through each meal and give you examples of what you can eat with calorie amounts. I’m basing these amounts on a minimal 2000 calorie diet. You may need more, but for example purposes, this is what I will show you. Take my formula, and for it for you.

For FullyRaw Breakfast:
Juice or
Or a 32-64 oz jar of a juice or smoothie fruit based . (This is 375-750 calories.) for beginners, start with 32. For my big eaters, if you’re still hungry it’s ok to do 64 oz. if you’re an athlete and need MORE CALORIES, eat the higher calorie density fruit like bananas, apricots, dates, durian, mango, etc.

FullyRaw lunch. Fruit is FAST FOOD, easy to bring ANYWHERE and easy to prepare. Sometimes it’s as easy as peeling a banana. Done. Aim for 700-800 calories. If you’re still hungry you can eat more. Now this sounds like a lot, but calorie wise, it will most likely be less than a thousand calories. Give examples. Plate this plate that… If u can’t eat that much, eat more frequently.

Download the app Cronometer or a calorie counter on your phone. Physically SEE how much you are eating.

Dinner is the hardest meal to eat Fullyraw. It’s not that it’s any more complicated, but when people get home from a long, hard day at work, they want to REWARD themselves w satisfying foods. Unfortunately, many of us were trained to think that certain “bad” foods were rewarding. Instead of thinking as fruit as the best reward for your body, it’s “ice cream”…. I have converted tons of unhealthy recipes into raw ones to help you out, so please check those out.

Start your dinner w a comfortable portion fruit. Approximately 500-600 calories worth of fruit then 200 calories of veggies and greens — a salad and eat what you want AFTER that. I hope this video helps you! Sending you my HUGS!

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Mariah F. says:

I think that some protein needs to be added. If you want raw protein you
can always have sprouted legumes and grains. They are raw and give the
body much needed nutrients. People on long term raw can have serious
thyroid issues and protein deficiency. That being said, I want to go more
raw, but will include raw nuts, seeds and sprouts.

Leoba Bono says:

Vegan=Expensive. I would like to go vegan, i am currently a vegetarian, but
the thing that worries me about the vegan diet is that food won’t last
long, fruits and veggies can become rotten if kept for a long time, i do
shopping once a month, by the time i get to the next month i would’ve
waisted so much food. I am reconsidering my options… 

Jackie QB says:

This information is false !! That is so much fruit it will make you fat !
Glucose will be stored as fat if your cells don’t use It for energy. This
is an extremely BLOOD SUGAR SPIKING diet !! Fats and proteins are ESSENTIAL
to eat with every meal 

Denise Byrd says:

I’ve been mostly raw vegan for the pasts few weeks, and these are the
things I noticed:

-The dark circles around my eyes disappeared
-The scars on my face disappeared along with my acne
-I started using the bathroom everyday
-I had more energy and just generally felt great
-Started sleeping better
-This a great diet for healing; I noticed my skin healed faster and didn’t
leave a scar
-I’ve actually *gained* weight, in a GOOD way though. I’ve been trying to
gain weight, and the weight I gained went to all the right places to give
me more of a figure instead of making me fat

-I started craving starchy, salty foods (potatos chips and fries) like
crazy, and I did give in a few times
-Libido skyrocketed
-This diet will break your pocket unless you are prepared with a food
dehydrator (to dry and preserve your food) and have some way of getting
your food at a discount

Caitlin Moore says:

People today are brought up to believe you need gratuitous amounts of
proteins and carbs in your diets and that grains are a “healthy” staple for
your diet. In reality your body thrives more on lower carb diets (50-150
carbs per day) because your body can actually use that energy. It’d be
pretty difficult to overeat on carbs from fruit because it is more
satiating than grains and provides more fiber, and are more nutritionally
dense overall.
Most people are taught to believe you need proteins to keep your body
healthy. Which is true, because they are the building blocks of life. But
on a daily basis you only need 20 grams of protein, and most people far
overdo this number, making your body have to function differently than it
would in a natural state such as Kristina’s diet. So make an educated
choice about what you eat and figure out what YOUR body needs. Everyone is
different. Just don’t knock something until you try it. I lived eating
Fruits, veggies, Raw milk products, and some meat here and there without
any grains, soy, corn, gluten or anything processed for a year and i;m
healthier than I’ve ever been. Fully Raw is a totally sustainable option if
you really know what you are doing and have the funds. Try it. It can’t
hurt you. :)

DC180 says:

Im going to make smoothies but ill never give up my fried bacon and eggs

winnie bolima says:

It’s very good information, I hope and Pray that God will bless me
financially soon, So I can buy the right juicer and blender to make
smotties , and buy all this fruits and verges, I Trully believe in these
kind of staff and in formations, I like it very much. God Bless You

ember fly says:

I would not recommend eating grapes at work. They are *extremely* high in
*insoluble* fiber, which means they are basically diuretics. (they’ll make
you have to use the restroom shortly after eating them if you eat a lot).

Corey Hamilton says:

How are you getting your amino acids and fatty acids?

DaoDC93 says:

It’s must be very rare for someone to succesfully stay on a 100% raw diet.
Simply because you have to eat so much. While a raw diet is definitely
healthy, compared to the SAD diet, and most to be honest. Though for the
average person, it is not sustainable. Eating cooked foods shouldn’t be
frowned upon just cause, “Raw is pure.” Sure you lose some stuff cooking,
but the digestive ability of the nutrients is greatly enhanced when you
cook veggies and starches. Try eating uncooked rice and see how you feel.

JACCO20082012 says:

800 calories in a meal? Um, how about no. Doesn’t matter where your
calories come from, if you eat more than you burn, you gain weight. 800
calories is 2 full meals for normal people. 

Misaki Uesugi says:

Hi Kristina! Would it still be beneficial if I ate all that food over the
course of 6-8 small meals instead of three???

erikadrummonded says:

If I was rich and had a vegan chef, I would have absolutely no problem
going vegan. It’s too expensive and I would get bored eating fruit and
salad day after day after day…I need a chef to whip up some awesome vegan

Nirvana Bliss says:

These fruits might be cheap in the USA.. but in the UK the amount of fruit
you have in a day would cost over $50 per day. Can’t afford that. What you
have a day i would buy for the whole 7 days. Great videos, but this one
would be costly. 

Ceth Speir says:

Hi! I find your videos so inspiring! What if I would want to lose weight?

Dee Isachsen says:

Sorry but eating that many cherries, although easy to do and delicious as
well, have me doubled over in some serious pain in the restroom very
similar to taking a harsh laxative..even after being used to eating them
every day. Cudos to you for being able to handle that. Lol. I like my fruit
but love my veggies, raw or slightly steamed.

Religion comes from pagans says:

how can you not include nuts and seeds in a raw food diet? good fats are
essential like omega 3

Renate J says:

how do u find so much fruit to eat its really expensive any
suggestions?Yesterday I got 1 bag of apples, oranges,1 watermelon,4
cucumbers, lettuces, 1 bag of grapefruit , 1 bag of carrots,1 bag of
lemons 3 pounds of bananas, frozen cherries and my bill was $70 plus Im
on a budget …I really don’t know if I can keep this up the fruit only
less about 2 days . I am trying please help ….How do I get a bundle of
fruit for my buck. thanks 

Charles Herwig says:

If you ever come to Costa Rica again PLEASE let me know!!! I want to start
a Fully Raw vegan diet and would absolutely LOVE to know more about it!

Jackie QB says:

Not sustainable long term. This diet would only be beneficial as a cleanse
or detox 

takeflightbirdyy says:

Are frozen fruits and berries ok? I mean they are still raw and many of
them are fresher than the other fruits and veggies in the market. 

TheMermaid32 says:

I cannot afford such a diet. I tried for 1 year, my hear turned thin, nails
gone bad. Lost a lot of weight. I ate the whole Day. Used superfoods and
supplements. I think you need to live i a climate where you can have all
these kind of fruits all Day long.
Kristina, i think you do a good thing, But i guess that by degeneration,
not everyone can live fully raw…
And eating became an obsession. I don’t want to think about Food all Day
long anymore.

David G says:

I bet you smell good Kristina. All those fruits and veggies.

Patricio Alvarado says:

If u guys suffer out of paying all the huge amounts of money u gotta pay
for fruit in the States, move to Ecuador hahhaha. here a bunch of bananas
cost around 25 cents, a watermelon is about 3 dollars, and Im talking about
a big big one haha, Just saying

JISL4ever says:


Jordan Mason says:

I’m transitioning into raw and I find my biggest issue is FRUIT FLIES!!!
any advice on how to keep them away from our bananas!? haha but seriously.
they’re driving me crazy!

Rafaella Chiarella says:

I have always count my calories when eating, and writing it down in a
diarybook, people surpise of this, but its just conciousness.

taeseersmom2000 says:

Medical care=Expensive. And painful too.

orasis says:

Raw… that’s the word. You and me Kristina, raw. :]

BelindaJ Thibodeau says:

omg i would love to eat raw like thi sbut 1. can’t eat fruit and 2. how
expensive would this diet be!!!

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