The Hardest Part About My Service Dog’s Raw Diet 😫 (7/28/17)

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Chronically Jaquie says:

Don’t forget we have our “Thanks for 50K Live Stream” on YouTube today! Saturday the 29th, at 7:30pm EST. We had some issues starting our last live stream (but eventually figured it out), so please bear with us as I’m not totally familiar with YouTube’s live streaming software. We are looking forward to this and hope y’all can join us! But no worries if you miss it because we will be uploading the live to our “Live Stream” playlist once it’s finished. I hope y’all have a lovely Saturday!

Nanci E. says:

WOW Nothing Bunt Cake must be a franchise because there is one where I live in Santee, California.


I love prison break

Rachel Wong says:

Love your videos so much! I'm a new subbie and I've been binge watching your old videos. I don't have any health problems but your vlogs have made me so aware of what so many people struggle with everyday. We are the same age and I just wanted to say thank you for giving so many of us perspective. We all have so much to be thankful for everyday. Thank you for the smiles and laughs everyday. Harlow is so cute!! You and Judd are an amazing couple. I just bought a shirt and I hope you guys release more merchandise in the future!!

Bella Nor says:

Your fighting so well, just know that everyone that watch's your Youtude channel is soooo proud of you. Keep up the great work! LOVE YOU!♡♡

dawn ann Gallagher says:

There's no room for ice cream in the freezer.

Ana Larson says:

I am so happy for you that you were able to put on some weight, you look more brighter in countenance even with all you have to deal with, that is good. Great idea to connect slilppers and shoes together if you can. Glad you take your time with the prep, it makes me re-evaluate to break it down one day and the next day I sort it into bags. You are so wonderful to try so hard with Harlow, it is worth it if you can, Harlow can do more for you and enjoy it. I will pray for you and energy. Here is the thing about food that is left around, when it dries there is no bacteria unless you let it putrify, usually it dries out like leather. Also as long as you clean up when your dog messes there is less mess too.

Blaithín Lynch says:

Not sure if you will see this but…..I've just adopted a really picky eater dog and I'm thinking a raw diet would work for him better than anything the Dog's Home gave me (because he hasnt eaten dry or wet food from them in two days but has eaten meat I've given him). I've no clue how to start a dog on a raw diet because all dogs I had before ate dry or wet dog food. Are there any web sites you use for Harlow, or any guidence to get started on this for him please?!

Kimmy Keeton says:

Jaquie, you have inspired me more than you know. I fight with frequent chronic migraines, chronic depression, and severe generalized anxiety on a daily level. The anxiety usually triggers the migraines, the migraines trigger vertigo, I find myself completely exhausted, and then I start feeling sorry for myself so there goes depression… and it just turns into a big downward spiral lol. I love how positive you are throughout your day and really push through it 💜 I am in the process of owner training a psychiatric/medical alert dog, and your channel has given me SOOO many ideas on things I can work on with my dog. She is an extremely smart sweet well behaved white german shepherd that is very in tune with me. I hope someday when my husband and I (and my SDiT, Sofie) make a trip to Disney (I'm a huge Disney fan as well) we will see you and Harlow there!! Sending prayers for you 😊 Your videos are awesome!

Just Illan says:

put her bowl on a chair because its bad for her neck to bend down

mikegrl1 says:

Harlow burping and then bringing you the toy before the slippers. And really she looked like she would go get Judd more tacos!!

emma bara says:

You live near me!!!

Kimberly Ashman says:

I don't know if you've been looking but Home Depot has a 3.5 cu ft chest freezer that is usually on sale (I've seen it as low as $99). If you need more space in your freezer. It's a small freezer.

SuperPikachu121 says:

Judd needs to try some qdoba, better than chipotle if i do say so myself.

Skylar zoe says:

Poor dog the dog needs some dog food

JadenAsu says:

Man those bunt cakes look pretty scrumptious.

NOSugarGranny LauraElrod says:

People think dogs mouths are safe but new studies say that is not true.

Makayla S. says:

Hi Jacquie! I love your channel, I have a SDiT named Nikki. 🙂 She is either a borador or sheprador. I think Harlow is so cute. 🙂

lunaticxgurl says:

do u get blood transfusions?

Charlene B says:

Sometimes I feel like Harlow eats better than me…

kovu baba says:


peppermint says:

why is harlow's bowl patterned like that? You've probably covered this before but I'm new here 🙂

shari harris says:

i just learned this morning where to comment. would like to thank judd for mission bbq. he mentioned we google and found one in south florida. really good food! jaquie you mentioned nothing bundt cakes. didn't know it, but they opened two in south florida. my sister in law brought a chocolate chip one with a sunflower 🌻 decoration for my birthday 🎉 last night🐾

Jazmín Zesati says:

Judd needs some real tacos al pastor! 💪🏼

Jane Katzer says:

Truly appreciate how positive you are in every aspect of your life. It takes a special person to stay as positive as you do every day. Thank you for inspiring people like myself who don't live with chronic illnesses and simply have chronic pain issues to get up and continue to live my life to its fullest. 😇

Kiersten Greenwood says:

Have you had Harlow's back legs checked out..? Looks like she has hip problems.

Kawaii Drawling says:

My dog was barking at hippo when I showed him her

Victoria R says:

jaquie, I do prey model raw diet which means all you have to worry about is meat bone and organs (eggs count in there too). you could freeze a bag for each meal which would be much easier. I personally still give him veggies and stuff if he's interested randomly, but it's not an official part of the diet and would take out a part of your meal prep time. let me know if you need more info! I can send you files from the group I'm in

Maria Solano says:

Crazy that you've now reached 54,000 subscribers ! 🙂 🙂 Those bun cakes are amazing ! 🙂 we dont have them in Australia Jacquie ! 🙂

my equineaddiction95 says:

do you live in florida?

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