The Joy of Juicing – Full Movie

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Juice for Health! Juice for Power! Juice to Stay Slim! Juice to Keep Young!

The film is about far more than juicing, it is about optimizing health and reversing and
preventing diseases. It features interviews with world renowned doctors:
Neal Barnard M.D., founder of Physicians for Responsible Medicine,
Joel Fuhrman, M.D.,
Caldwell B. Esselstyn Jr. M.D.,
Dr. Gerard Bodeker, professor of Public Health Policy, Columbia University,
John A. McDougall,M.D., and T. Colin Cambell, PH.D.,
Jacob Gould Schurman Professor Emeritus.

Gary Null takes the viewer around New York City from uptown in Harlem to the downtown Union Square farmers market, talking to people he meets along the way, about their approaches to health. The American life style of eating over processed and denatured foods is examined, as Gary takes the viewer into natural food markets and explains the vital properties of fruits, nuts and vegetables, which have the healing properties to reverse disease. You’ll go with Gary to a juice store where he shows you what to juice, how to juice, to how to increase energy and enhance your immune system. In this personal guide to better health, more energy, a slimmer body, more youthful skin, you’ll learn the regenerative power of natural home juicing.

• Listen to those who have reversed their diet and diseases
• Learn how to shop for the healthiest healing foods
• Learn the foods that can reverse aging and reverse disease
• Advice on how to use fresh juice to cleanse and detoxify
• In-depth information on how the recipes that can effectively treat and often reverse
conditions, like arthritis, diabetes, allergies
• Practical guidance on juicing, how to start, how often to drink, and when to drink
• Ideas on how to prepare delicious fresh juices, that will give you energy and keep you
healthy, as you rebuild you vital self


J Scott Upton says:

There is a term for vegetarians who live in very cold climates. The term
is “dead”. Not all people should be vegetarians.

Victoria Belz says:

Juicing is supposed to be 80% vegetables and 20% fruits. Do NOT use only
fruits. It is dangerous because your sugar levels will be very high!
I did it with the help of recipes I found online and I’ve lost 8 pounds and
feel great, very energetic. I implement exercise, fiber, and protein
It has worked wonders for me! :)

Giggidy Pop says:

11:53 Donkey Kong Country music?? Hahaha.


And now..a message from your freindly neighborhood fda agent,”juicing is
deadly” wtf? Hahaaa

Levi KH says:

Haha, the interviews with the “random” people on the street. If some
strange man would approach me like that he would definitely get another
reaction. Especially in NYC were crazies are on every corner. SO NOT

Kenneth Williamson says:

what rice and soi proten powder do u recomend ? been working on my sellf
over the pas3 months trying to become a vegan im quit big so was told if i
was to do waight training that would be a grate way to tap into my fat
for engy however i need a good sorce of protein to hellp build muscles i
allso have low testostrone witch makes it hard for my bodey to build
muscle im gong to need muscles to hellp wen i burn the fat so it wont go
flabby any advise would be grat but keep in minde im trying to stick to a
vegan life style mainely rawfoods and some carbs

Campbell Scott says:

And they dont teach you this at school, why ? Intellect is more important
than health ?

Dorrisday22 . says:


Peter Woods says:

watch this if you want to live a long life and stay

hemistry08 says:

For those that juice with a Vitamix, the fiber is still in there.
I do avoid the high sugar fruits and veggies like carrots potatoes and corn
to name a few. Found out the hard way that juicing with fruits is just like
drinking sugar, although the fiber and vitamins and minerals and anti
oxidants are more healthy – the simple sugars really added some blood sugar
problems for me and I am healthy and exercise.

KEM451 says:

JUICING IS DEADLY!!! Your body’s not meant to absorb the high jolt of
sugar you receive by drinking a “processed” fruit or vegetable, which juice

Honey is the only food source in nature with sugar so readily available for
consumption; and it’s meant for bee larva.

Sugars in a fruit or vegetable are naturally trapped within the fibers.
Once you put a fruit or vegetable in a blender / juicer, the juice and
sugars are mechanically separated from the fibers making it a processed
food. Now when you drink the juice, the food is not broken down as we have
evolved to do by digesting the fibers at a slow pace along with the
nutrients and sugars within. Instead the freed sugars cause a severe spike
in your blood sugar level. This can lead to weight gain and diabetes.

If you want the nutrients within fruits and vegetable along with
anti-oxidants and other health benefits; simply eat your fruits and
vegetables unprocessed. You can steam your vegetables, stir fry them or
depending on the veggie have it raw. You can also eat your fruits raw, or
cooked. What ever you do, don’t put them in a blender (cutting and slicing
are NOT the same as spinning around in a bladed centrifuge). Be careful
with raw foods, some foods, kidney beans for instance are deadly in their
raw, uncooked form. Basically, just eat your meals the way we did 60 years


Levi KH says:

Instead of juicing you should EAT the veggies! Less wate, full longer,
fiber problem solved!

Kenneth Williamson says:

Thanks for replays how do you prepare hemp proteen powder 

Diane Corriette says:

Very informative video. I am new to this journey but am determined to use
plants to heal my body. Haven’t given up meat yet but recently (last 8
weeks) I have given up dairy. Best parts for me

17:37 – great advice on making slow changes
21:35 shopping for fruits and veg
36:00 gets into juicing

Alena Long says:

Thanks for educating me.

Ross Pie says:

im confused, should i steam my brocculi and brussel sprouts then juice

BakuhatsuShoujo says:

this documentary’s awkward as fuck

RecTec77 says:

i´m just selecting people randomly as they walk by. hahaha, good one man!

Rawganica says:

anyone know how to heal my goiter/thyroid?
my thyroid seems to be getting better but the goiter wont go down.

wingsonmyback1 says:

Great movie and thanks for putting it out here free

jdstep97 says:

So glad to hear that my juice does not go bad if I don’t drink it within
ten minutes. I try to fast one day a week, and though I don’t actually eat
anything I drink my homemade juices. But I have to make one big batch in
the morning, to last me the entire day. It’s not practical otherwise,
especially if you’re a working class person. 

Bee Green says:

nice job Gary the film digs deep and accurately into the best strategy we
can have to maintain health as we live life. We can see that the other
strategies are not as clean and the results are showing that they don’t
work so well. The American Standard Diet is not making people live longer
and healthier so any change is good change. Eating real food is the best
way long term to stay healthy and at the best weight. Juicing is a good
step to clear the mind of bad habits as we begin to choose a better food
strategy that moves us away from saturated animal fats and highly refined
products that are ingrained in our way of eating. Juicing is a compliment
to a diet it is not a complete diet long term. The best new diet is a
clean diet full of natural foods across the board that are plant based
since the alternative one has caused so much pain and suffering in so many
Americans today.

CreativeSoulTV says:

I just started juicing and this is one of my favorite documentary films on
juicing. If you like the documentary you will also like Dr. Null’s book
with the same title!

joggler66 says:

“If the people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines
take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of
who live under tyranny”
Thomas Jefferson

letmebeda1 says:

this was an awesome Movie. i loved it. ty for much Gary Null hugs. 

Walter Donnelly says:

How important is health to you?

Caino 05 says:

They just cashing in on the doco called fat sick and nearly dead. Rip off
already used ideas.

Athrough Z says:

My grandma is 81 years old. She takes so many pills, she carries them in a
(heavy) zip log bag. Her hips barely work and she’s had both knees
replaced. She eats processed meat and white bread every day. Conversely,
her brother is in his 70s, looks like he’s in his 50’s, doesn’t eat any
fried foods or processed sugar. He exercises everyday and is not on any
prescription meds whatsoever. 

lina thing says:

Hi(: Have you thought about the Fat Blaze Factor (google it)? Ive hear some
awesome stuff about it and my dad burned alot of unwanted fats.

Andrew Zeiser says:

Dr.Null, thank you for the value of the program and for sharing your
experience with juicing. I am new to juicing, and I will be incorporating
many of the clever juice recipes you described into my diet. Cheers to
living a long, happy, and healthy life!

Catherine Devlin says:

That guy Gary null is so far up his own hole; it almost puts me off

jdstep97 says:

11:02 or so. I doubt McDonald’s orange juice is that good, but it’s better
than the other stuff. The orange juice is likely pasteurized, so a lot of
the living nutrients are dead. It’s good when we can do our own juicing
from fresh fruits. 

Modus Operandi says:

Just a few inconsistencies (nothing against juicing itself):

In rural China they do indeed eat things with a face (and the face with

Simple sugars are also contained in most fruit and vegetables.

Juice on!

Yasmin Khan says:

the audio is so distracting!

Sylvia Mendez says:

So true! 

Eric Noya says:

The Joy of Juicing – Full Movie
#health #bigpharma 

Greenvegan828 says:

Gary Null is a true American. He cares about YOUR HEALTH. Do you? I hope
people take the next step and start the revolution at home. Good luck.

Peter Woods says:

watch this




Thank for the info

brazza says:

Ugh, fix the sound (its only coming out in one side of my headphone). I
can’t listen to it this way.

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