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Will Mark Malkoff survive a week on the Master Cleanse Diet? Watch this week’s Fitness Guinea Pig.

About Fitness Guinea Pig:
On Fitness Guinea Pig, we enlist people from all walks of life, be it celebrities, comedians, actors, or your average everyday Joe, to test today’s most popular workouts, weight loss programs and fitness equipment. We’ll put them through the rigors of p90x, Zumba, and all of the latest trends in physical fitness. See these fitness guinea pigs in action and hear their results to decide which one is right (or not) for you!

Mark Malkoff:
Mark Malkoff is a comedian and filmmaker. He has been featured on the “Today” show, “Good Morning America”, CBS Early Show, just to name a few. He starred in a popular video in which he visited and consumed purchases at all 171 Starbucks locations in Manhattan in less than 24 hours. Mark also achieved worldwide media attention by living and sleeping in an IKEA store in Paramus, New Jersey for an entire week which ended up winning the 2009 PR Week Campaign of the Year. Currently Mark does videos for the comedy website

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Everyday Health:

The Master Cleanse ⎢Fitness Guinea Pig ⎢Everyday Health


Kendra Foster says:

I’m laughing SO hard!!

nintendohelp1 says:

I love this channel because it answers most of the questions that I have
with the latest trends

Max E says:

I feel that way now too (want to eat real food).. but that is great you can
make me laugh out of something so challenging.

Everyday Health says:

So happy you love out channel.. thanks!

Justin Williams says:

do you even go poo during this besides like the fist 2 or 3 days or just
allot of pee

GourmetCulinaryArts says:

8:10 Here comes the maid & Yoga master!

MLGTroy1 says:

ok if u want to get into shape u just need 2 dif workouts p90x to start off
to get ur body use to building muscle then insanity

MLGTroy1 says:

how can this be considered fitness if it ya know doesnt do anything

GourmetCulinaryArts says:

“I just want to eat everything in stinking sight”, “I want to burn the
book”. Hilarious comments.

thesunreport says:

well done Mark..a bit of slacking at the end with the OJ tho…was that
Sunny D?? xD…but yeah got a good sense of what this program is like so
thanks!! 🙂

HHO4ALL says:

Two Words for you…. SMOOTH MOVE!!! Hahaha Best Diet = Eat less and
Exercise More

Artur Zabranski says:

Seems interesting, but .I did -45 lbs in two months.Visit

DJRenee says:

This was funny as hell….I am actually going to do the Master Cleanse
though…I found this by accident….KMSL

jessierlsanders says:

you are hilarious !!!

Cae S says:

Hello, first I liked your video 🙂 and I would like to ask you some
questions; Im a very active guy I work out 5 days a week I dont take any
supplements just eating right, but I gonna start this 10 day master
cleanse, and I would like to know if you during the 10 days of your cleanse
did you work out and if you feel exhausted or dizzy while working out?

MidnightOwl14 says:

4:41 When life hands you lemons 😉

S harris says:

Hahaha ^__^ awesome !!

DJRenee says:

She did it to lose weight quickly for DREAM GIRLS and she said she doesn’t
recommend anybody doing it.

jesuisquejesuis1 says:

You winge about the Master Cleanse, then go on to promote processed
chemical cocktails (pizza) as food? btw, that isn’t orange juice in the
container protruding from your lips, its an orange flavored beverage,
nothing healthy about it. lol! You don’t get real orange juice from a
container, you squeeze it. This video is proof that you haven’t got a clue
as to what health and nutrition truly is. Stop promoting what you clearly
don’t understand.

Ivan Pisotski says:

Well.. .I did -10 lbs last 30 days.Go to

averagejohn1232004 says:

Well, if Beyonce did the Master Cleanse, I am sold. But seriously Beyonce
has a army of dietitians and trainers at her beck and call. Any benefits
she perceived to have experienced from the Master Cleanse probably was due
to a healthy diet and exercise.

coollary1 says:

Ted mosby’s doppelganger

Miss Lee Lee says:

This was soooo funny. Loved it.

MLGTroy1 says:

if u wanna lose weight eat a bar of chocolate laxitive just bring a good
book with u

Matthew Trzcinski says:

Isn’t a low calorie, low bulk diet for a period time liable to screw up
your intestinal flora?

Brian Vill Kiss You says:

Mark Malkoff-“My head really realy hurts” Me-“hmmm … maybe its

Mike Buteyn says:

Master Cleanse restaurant…that’s a million dollar idea there

sgmalcolm says:

i still want to try this, just to cleanse my system out

Gina Romo says:

cute funny handsome guy, I’m actually on day one of the master cleanse and
tonight I’m thinking about eating my cotton in my pillow and acting like
its cotton candy!

My Damn Channel says:

I don’t envy you, Mark. Good work!

Callum B says:

LOL what a newbie

justsomedude777 says:

Put a lil bit of lemon juice in the saltwater to make it taste better

blackandwhiteangel13 says:

I would never do this, I don’t care how fat I get

Fred Firestine says:

I love how the pink bathroom is featured in so many of your videos. I have
the same color bathroom (New York in the early ’60s!). Also, yay Christine!

Vova Karnitski says:

Good day! I’m Elizabeth.I did -40 lbs in one week.Go to

sirkickassalot123 says:

Fasting is not that bad (it’s actually quite nice). Just keep it to 5 days
per month, or preferably two days per week. If you try to fast for longer
it will just be hard on you. Oh yeah, skip the salted water and shit like
that. Just drink plain water. If you fast for just two days, eat nothing at
all and drink plenty of water.

nintendohelp1 says:

I Subscribed too!

Speed Racer says:

In reality, most people Jealous that you can do this

BIanca Springer says:

I like the honesty of this video. I’m going to try the cleanse starting
next week and this answered my questions. Thanks!

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