The Master Cleanse: Day 1 ( How to do the Salt Water Flush )

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Day 1 of the Master Cleanse.


neekrusher says:

Hey I see your back. I'm on day two of my cleanse. Every 6 months I do a cleanse. This will be my second for the year. I try to get my wife to do it, but she is not with it. LOL I recommended the MC to a co-worker. 1 dropped out and the other kept going to the end. I'm a try to go 21 days again.

Sunnee_ says:

What weight did you start at?

kneenee71 says:

Shanell you knock it back like an o.g. Lol!

kneenee71 says:

Did the master cleanse I found it easier to get the salt water down by drinking it through a straw.

DivaNurse68 says:

You are very helpful, thank you

DivaNurse68 says:

How do i mix the lemon water

DivaNurse68 says:

so you drink lemon water in between the tea .

DivaNurse68 says:

whats the name of the tea

KhareeneFitLife says:

Do you do the salt water flush in the evening as well?

TV V says:

If I don't want to drink the tea should the salt water be taking twice per day. Thanks for sharing!!!!

Mercedesayso says:

Is the same as the apple cider vinegar cleanse?  If not have you tried that cleanse?

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