The Master Cleanse Salt Water Flush

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Hey Guys I’m back again to show you another important Master Cleanse step on detoxing and leading a life to a healthy you. Basically you will need to do this very simple step ever morning during the master cleanse 14 day detox. This is what you will need.

You will need:
1. Empty 32 oz bottle
2. 1 tablespoon
3. Sea salt
4. Tap Water at room temperature or cold water
5. And last a toilet 🙂

Please free to leave comments down below and happy cleansing

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Ujala Khan says:

Again another question can I use tea because some sites say I can. If I can
how much?

Ujala Khan says:

I have to leave at 630 in the morning and wake up at 530 so can i do it at

Jane De Belen says:

Is it ok to prepare more than a cup i mean to prepare for the whole day so
you bring it any where ready to drink?

Sylvia Ashby says:

Hello can i use kosher salt instead of sea salt

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